Holiday Must Haves | Nintendo has something for everyone this year!

I always smile when I stop to think about Julio as many of you know him – the fashion blogger & personality that is keeping you informed about luxury brands. But did you know that he is also a big kid at heart? Last year I was able to get him a brand new Nintendo Wii U and we actually play it together when we have some down time. For kids from one to ninety two (yes, I’m quoting Christmas Carols. ‘Tis the season!), Nintendo has so many options for the holidays and I’m sharing a few of our favourites!

Over the last year, we’ve added several games to our repertoire to continue our love for Nintendo. From Super Mario Maker to Yoshi’s Wooly World, we have spent countless hours together laughing and enjoying ourselves. And we also just found out that Mojang’s video game phenomenon Minecraft launched worldwide on Nintendo’s Wii U home console on December 17!

We love playing Minecraft, especially when we use a minecraft hosting server to enjoy multiplayer gaming with people from all over the world! Gaming creators nowadays are trying to create games that allow people from all over the world to interact with one another. This isn’t exhausted by Minecraft, either. There are many games out there, such as Leage of Legends, that aims to connect players online. This ultimately raises the League of Legends player number similarly to Minecraft. However, we’ve also recently discovered hytale too, which is a similar game. It’s just as fun, if not more fun, and we love playing that too. So much so, we’re even being to wonder are hytale servers better than minecraft? It’s a tough call!

To some Minecraft seems like a game where you just run around mining then building with gathered resources, but if you were to look into something like these Epic Minecraft servers, you’d see that Minecraft players enjoy playing online with each other while playing many different in-game activities that have been built into the servers, for example, the map “Skyblock” is a small island floating in the sky that offers very little resources while the player is busy trying to survive and complete challenges allocated, the Wii U Skyblock map is sure to be an extra challenge!

Furthermore, whether it’s an exciting afternoon playing Mario with Lyric or just a Saturday night in with a glass of wine and my husband, Nintendo and their wide range of games and consoles are a perfect addition to our life.

Our must have items for the holidays include, but are not limited to:

Xenoblade Chronicles X (click for details)

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon – Because, Pokémon. Need I say more?

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival – Adorable animals & amazing graphics. GREAT for the kids!

Here are a few great deals in time for those last minute shopping trips that we found on the Nintendo Canada website:


WALMART: Dec 17-30 — SAVE $40** off Nintendo 2DS! Purchase a Nintendo 2DS with Mario Kart 7 or Yo-Kai Watch game (download code) for only $89.96! BUY NOW. SeeWalmart for complete details.


EB GAMES: Dec 18-31 – get the NEW Nintendo 3DS XL for $0.00* after trade-in*. Learn how: (1) Save $30 off automatically!! (2) Save an additional $100 with trade-in of 5 applicable games. (3) Save an additional $100 by trading in an original Nintendo 3DS XL. (*Original MSRP is $229.99. See EB Games for complete details on savings and applicable products for Trade-in. Trade-in offer available in store only at EB Games.


BEST BUY: Dec 18-24. Buy 3 select amiibo figures for $39.99 Offer valid on amiibo figures with MSRP of $15.99. See Best Buy for complete details.

For more information on Nintendo Canada & the amazing releases coming in the next few months, make sure to check out their website today.

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Photos: Nintendo & Daniel Reyes


Daniel Reyes