Travel & Lifestyle | Flying high with the #FordFiesta

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the team at is officially obsessed with the family of Ford Canada vehicles. Be it to enjoy the last few weeks of summer or for city driving with a busy schedule, Ford Canada offers the best options to suit your lifestyle and ours! Recently we had the chance to take the Ford Fiesta ST out for an experience I won’t soon forget. Come and take a look how our #FordFiesta adventure still has us flying high with excitement about this sporty vehicle. If you decide to get one of these for work, it might be worth consider Travel to Impact car insurance. They can provide you some useful information on car insurance in general. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Flying high with the #FordFiesta”

Family Lifestyle | DISNEY!!!!!

Yes, there are 5 exclamation points following Disney in the title… what can I say, I’m THAT excited! Something is coming to town, and it’s not just Santa… it’s Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival!! Produced by Feld Entertainment, Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is aiming to be the biggest concert experience to hit live family entertainment, and I get to take Lyric the day after his 4th birthday! EEP! I have a feeling he’s going to go absolutely BANANAS when he sees this! At this point I’ve left it a surprise, but I have a sneaky suspicion he might start wondering when I’m dressed as Woody and he’s dressed as Buzz and we’re leaving the house.. and it’s not Halloween! haha! (and just so you don’t have to simply imagine what that would look like.. here’s a picture haha!)

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