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Travel & Lifestyle | Flying high with the #FordFiesta

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the team at is officially obsessed with the family of Ford Canada vehicles. Be it to enjoy the last few weeks of summer or for city driving with a busy schedule, Ford Canada offers the best options to suit your lifestyle and ours! Recently we had the chance to take the Ford Fiesta ST out for an experience I won’t soon forget. Come and take a look how our #FordFiesta adventure still has us flying high with excitement about this sporty vehicle. If you decide to get one of these for work, it might be worth consider Travel to Impact car insurance. They can provide you some useful information on car insurance in general.

As mentioned, we got the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Ford Fiesta ST which was probably my favourite car of the year. Did I also mention that I got to drive standard again after what felt like an eternity? I have always personally preferred driving standard because it allows me to feel more in control of my driving experience. The Fiesta ST is one of the sportiest, most energetic vehicles I have driven to date!

“Welcome to the Fiesta ST, designed to deliver an empowering driving experience. Behind the wheel of the 2015 Ford Fiesta ST, the rush is always on, no supplements, additives or nitrous required. Developed by the Ford Global Performance Vehicles group, Fiesta ST delivers uncompromised sports performance and handling. Fiesta ST brings the Sport Technologies badge to customers worldwide, offering that blend of refinement and performance for which ST is renowned. “

The model we drove (in the photos below) was standard transmission and even had racing stripes. If you don’t get excited in a car like this, there’s something wrong with you. “The Fiesta ST Interior with available Molten Orange seats.” … that was Julio’s favourite part. (click here to see what I mean)

One great tip I would recommend for those of you who get behind the wheel of the Ford Fiesta ST standard is to educate yourself on the 6th gear and how to get into reverse. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I couldn’t figure out reverse at first and even had to put the car in neutral and push it into a 3 point turn. Thank god for the helpful Ford Canada youtube videos on the internet and a car savvy brother!

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This was HANDS down one of the best experiences ever! Thank you Ford Canada for literally making Fashionights & Do The…

Posted by Do The Daniel on Thursday, August 20, 2015

To create a high flying experience that matched the energy and excitement I felt while driving, we went flying. Literally. We got the chance, thanks to our friends at Ford Canada, to go to iFLY Toronto! For those of you who don’t know, this indoor skydiving experience is one of the coolest things I have EVER done.

So… is there any way to take a good photo when you’re actually flying? That’s up for debate but I still smile and think back to the amazing time with Ford Canada we had when I look at the following photos of us. I can’t explain the sensation to you other than it feels like you’re actually flying in the sky. When you book your experience, you and your group get 3 tries. The first two are a minute long and for the most part the first one is like the flying version of Bambi on ice. The final one you have the option (additional cost) to have your instructor take you up the tunnel to the very top. This was hands down my favourite moment of the experience and I could spend the entire day doing it!





I don’t think I’ve seen a smile on my face that big since I was a little boy. The experience itself is quite literally surreal. Thanks to the staff at iFLY Toronto (including our VERY handsome instructor Chris Andrew… also.. everyone who works there is a total babe) for an amazing experience that truly blew me away.

Are you tired of the flying puns yet? I’ve got more…

If you want to see how well I flew (and me grinning like a little boy Christmas morning) and Julio giving it his “best shot”, make sure to check out the full video from our experience here:

For those of you in the market for a vehicle that is not only beautiful but also intelligently designed, The Ford Fiesta ST is the car for you. More details can be found by clicking here, but I can assure you that once you are behind the wheel you’ll be sky high with excitement. Last one. I promise.

To find your local dealership, click here and take this vehicle for a test drive yourself. You’ll be amazed, I have no doubt.

For more amazing cars from Ford Canada and their family of vehicles, make sure to Follow @FordCanada on Instagram & Twitter. Use the #FordFiesta and #FordTryMore hashtags to follow this and other amazing adventures across the country with our car brand of choice.

The 19 plate Ford Fiesta is now available to lease through Intelligent Car Leasing.

For more behind the scenes of this and other amazing brands and events we are working with, make sure to follow along with the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account. We’d love to have you join us on our adventures around the world!

Photos: Ford Canada, iFLY Toronto & Daniel Desforges


Daniel Desforges

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