Here’s All The Reasons You Need

Pride Month is in full swing and with it some FABULOUS events are taking place. While all of you are still processing the announcement of my new drag persona Anna a Hole Smith, I guess it’s important to note that I’m by no means booking gigs any time soon. I would much rather let the professionals entertain us all while Julio & I work towards our drag fantasy. Guess it’s perfect timing to tell you about Absolut Empire‚Äôs Ball Finale and how you can still score tickets for one of the best drag events of the month this Saturday in Toronto!

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The Best Events of The Week!

I am not about to sit here and tell you that Pride Month isn’t a busy one for us – I am grateful to be a queer creator and in many cases over the last nine years of blogging, June is my highest traffic month of all with some spectacular partners who want to work with me. 2022 is no different asides from the fact that we are booked and busy in between Ottawa and Toronto – I wanted to share some of the best events happening this week in Toronto that you can still get tickets to (hopefully) to come join us in the #PrideTO celebrations!

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Like That Moment Right Before a Firecracker Goes Off…

The month of May is coming to a close, and with it there seems to be electric energy in the air. With re-opening plans slowly being laid out for all of us anxiously wanting to be done with pandemic restrictions, not to mention with #PrideMonth around the corner, there’s a lot to be happily looking forward to. From upcoming prolonged hugs with my dear friends, to dusting off our wigs and heels, things are about to get a whole lot more fabulous here at the blog and via my social media. Here are just a few things that you can get yourself to enjoy the festivities like I will be all June long!

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