The Five Things I’ve Changed in 2021 to Make Life Better

So the first month of 2021 is coming to a close and I’ll be honest, I am already feeling a bit burnt out. Maybe I didn’t take the time I needed over the holidays to rest, or maybe it’s just the intensity at which world news and the reality we live is coming at me as of late. More than ever, I am finally starting to realize that sometimes you just need to take a minute for myself. So if you’re feeling the same and looking for ways to decompress, I thought I would share some ways I am taking care of myself this year.

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A Daiquiri With a Spiced Tropical Twist

As the warmer weather approaches, I find my taste in food and drink changes. Now that patio season is here, both of those things definitely take a bigger priority in my life! What is summer without good food and drink to accompany us and our friends out on the patio? With that being said, I wanted to make a new drink that was refreshing and sweet for the summer time, with a bit of a fresh and clean twist to it. Thankfully, Chic Choc Rum played a big part in making this magic happen!

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Events | Why we can’t wait to celebrate #NationalRumDay with Bacardi Canada

When I think about the summer means to me, it usually involves laughing with friends over a delicious meal and a good cocktail (or three!). It’s why when I remembered that August 16th is #NationalRumDay, I knew that it was time to get ready by picking up some BACARDÍ for an evening with people we love and cocktails to leave them smiling. Check out some of our favourite cocktail recipes that you too can recreate at home to join in on the #NationalRumDay excitement with Canadians from coast-to-coast!

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