Why You Should Give a Special Gift

As many of you know this year I am giving the #SupportLocal mouvement as much of my energy and time as I can. Now more than ever small businesses in Canada need our help to weather the proverbial storm that 2020 brought to their doorsteps. While I continue to share businesses via social media, the blog has always been my favourite platform to tell stories and share details that an image alone or a tweet might not be able to. This year, if you’re thinking of unique gifts for yourself and those you love from a distance, why not give a special gift during a very special year like I am.

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(Some of) My Favourite Toronto Restaurants To Get You Hungry

As someone that has worked in the restaurant industry in some capacity for almost fifteen years, my heart is heavy for the city of Toronto right now. I don’t want to focus too much on the challenges because that would detract from the message of this post – how we all can support local small businesses and restaurants throughout the last few weeks of 2020. So in an attempt to get you hungry and ordering curbside pickup or delivery, here is my list of (some) of the restaurants I love most.

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How You Can Cheers To Summer & Support Local Farmers Too With #SomersbyFarmersMarket

One of my favourite parts about the summer is farmer’s markets in the city. Having lived in downtown Ottawa for so long in my twenties, being by the ByWard Market I’d pick up fresh produce almost daily. We of course in Toronto have St. Lawrence Market, but I don’t live close by and have to be mindful of social distancing rules right now.

Well ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new Farmers Market in town, and not only can you get your produce for a week, but you can also help give back at the same time by shopping at it!

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Food & Wine | Things are brighter with Shiny Apple Cider

In most parts of Canada, the cold has settled in and the upcoming spring cannot arrive fast enough. Most nights that Julio & I are not attending events, I am usually at home cooking and trying to warm up. Luckily for us, one way to warm up and look on the bright side is with the newly launched (and Ontario grown!) Shiny Apple Cider. An easy drinking cider that is both quintessentially Canadian and delicious. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Things are brighter with Shiny Apple Cider”