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Food & Wine | Things are brighter with Shiny Apple Cider

In most parts of Canada, the cold has settled in and the upcoming spring cannot arrive fast enough. Most nights that Julio & I are not attending events, I am usually at home cooking and trying to warm up. Luckily for us, one way to warm up and look on the bright side is with the newly launched (and Ontario grown!) Shiny Apple Cider. An easy drinking cider that is both quintessentially Canadian and delicious.

For the longest time I despised the idea of beer. It smelled and tasted of feet and I couldn’t ever imagine ordering one. That was until I was introduced to the world of cider. Shiny Apple Cider, the latest addition to the cider world, is a great example of a beer I can enjoy.

And the best part is that even Catherine would love it since it is gluten free & vegan friendly. It’s basically good for you in my opinion, but I’m not the Holistic Nutritionist.

From the team behind Small Talk Vineyard Wines, Shiny Apple Cider was born.

“Niagara is known for having the ideal climate for producing some of the world’s best wine grapes and other delicious fruits,” said Hank Hunse, Owner of Small Talk Vineyards. “By using 100 per cent natural apple juice made with fresh, hand-picked Ontario apples, we have created an innovative product that everyone can enjoy.”

Shiny Apple Cider is now available for purchase at Small Talk Vineyards located at 1242 Irvine Road in Niagara-on-the-Lake and will be available in the LCBO soon for those of us in Ontario. Stay tuned for National availability as the company grows with each new sip.

To get inspired to enjoy this refreshing and local product, make sure to follow @ShinyAppleCider on Twitter & @Shiny_Apple_Cider on Instagram. Tag them both the next time you try out this new product to tell them what you think and how much you love it!

For more behind the scenes of this and other amazing brands we love, make sure to follow along with the#DoTheDaniel Instagram account!

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive

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