Visitando la Laguna de Kaan Luum

Vivir en un destino de playa tan popular como Playa del Carmen, está rodeado de mitos. Muchos creen que los que habitamos esta hermosa tierra conocida como el Corazón de la Riviera Maya, en el Caribe Mexicano, de playas de arena blanca y aguas color turquesa, vivimos en un estado de “vacaciones permanentes”, pues para nosotros es normal visitar la playa o lugares exóticos cualquier domingo. Pero no todo es miel sobre hojuelas; vivir en un destino internacional implica que el costo de vida o de las opciones para divertirse suelen ser más elevados que en otras ciudades, por lo que salir a divertirse puede resultar complicado para los locales… a menos, claro, que aprendas a turistear como local.

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The sport of adventure travel

For those of you who follow along with us on social media, you’ll have seen that 2017 has been a busy year for the team around the world. We are travelling a LOT lately, and with those experiences come a lot of adventures. If adventure travel was “officially” a sport, I like to think I would be a pro athlete. Over the years, I have been lucky to learn a lot of lessons. The most important one that I can offer is to be prepared for whatever may come your way, and so I decided to share some of my best ways to be prepared when travelling the cities of this big beautiful world. 
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Australia is Coming to Toronto!

My first visit to Australia was a pretty magical experience and certainly one I will never forget. I was on my way from living in England and off to start a new life in New Zealand, so I decided to pay a visit before settling in their neighbouring country for a year. We landed in Sydney, then headed off to Perth, and ending our trip in Melbourne. Both sides of the country were so different, yet common threads could be found everywhere you looked. One of these evident commonalities was the absolutely stunning scenery that was consistently provided. I made some good friends over there who told me more about Australia, the infamous nightlife with footy trips happening all the time, places to go and things to see.

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Team #LeftTWIX all the way.

Have you ever stopped to think about the little quirks that your partner or roommate have that drive you absolutely nuts? For Julio & I, it is that he only snips one side of the bag of milk, which is usually only discovered when it tips over and makes a huge mess on me. Or that I don’t I don’t know the difference between white and ivory when doing the laundry. Well you know what the last straw was? He had the audacity to claim that #RightTWIX was better than #LeftTWIX. Well you know what? Enough is enough. It’s time that we settle this Twix debate once and for all with you all!  Continue reading “Team #LeftTWIX all the way.”