And All of a Sudden, Ottawa Was Trendy

Okay okay, I have to admit the title is a bit click bait-y, even for me. But after recently hitting the one year mark living in Ottawa again after ten amazing years in Toronto, I have to admit it’s not the city I once knew. Over the last few years Ottawa seems to have propelled itself forward in exciting ways, has developed distinct and incredible neighborhoods, and has me a bit flabbergasted at how cool its become. Let me tell you why!

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Let’s talk about Social Media vs Reality

It is not by any means a new conversation or topic, but it seems like it’s time for us to have a heart-to-heart about social media vs. reality. While 2021 has blessed me with some pretty incredible changes, one of the not so good parts of my year has been a complete and total creative burnout. Instead of focusing on keeping up appearances over the past six months, maybe I should have invested more in my mental health.

Hindsight. What a bitch

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I’m Finding New Ways to Be #BetterTogether

On a sunny afternoon in July, I find myself sitting down to write about the way life has changed. Not to overwhelm myself, or those of you reading this, but rather to focus on the positive changes that have come from this year. It’s easy to get negative, or focus on what we have lost. Rather, I am choosing to focus on how I have grown, changed, and continue to find new ways to be #BetterTogether while being physically apart. Curious? Take a look at what I mean.

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The importance of sharing our stories

How do I start a blog post about something so difficult? I’ve written and re-written this about five times this morning. Getting up and walking away from my computer, pacing the room, trying my best to understand that I am about to share something incredibly difficult. Last night, I finally sat down to watch Lady Gaga’s five foot two on Netflix, and it got me thinking. Now that may sounds silly to you, but I am the kind of person who is inspired by real emotion and vulnerability in others. I like to know that I’m not alone in feeling the things I do, or having to cope with difficult things in my life. After jotting down quotes from the film in a note on my phone (something I have done for years in hopes of inspiring myself when I feel lost), I tried to lay down and get a good night’s sleep. As I lay in bed, scrolling through my social media feeds, I came across the #MeToo hashtag. Maybe it’s an overwhelming sense of reevaluation that always comes over me before my birthday, or maybe I’m just feeling emotional, but it made me realize the importance in sharing our stories with one another. Something that is not easy in a world of smiles and images of perfection. But is so important to help shed light on an important message. So here is my story. Because #MeToo. Continue reading “The importance of sharing our stories”