I’m Finding New Ways to Be #BetterTogether

On a sunny afternoon in July, I find myself sitting down to write about the way life has changed. Not to overwhelm myself, or those of you reading this, but rather to focus on the positive changes that have come from this year. It’s easy to get negative, or focus on what we have lost. Rather, I am choosing to focus on how I have grown, changed, and continue to find new ways to be #BetterTogether while being physically apart. Curious? Take a look at what I mean.

When I think back on the days when I started the blog, I would have probably never have believed you if you told me what the last eight years have held. Traveling, celebrities, heartbreak and loss. The whole gamut of emotions – and while some moments have been difficult, on the other side it is those moments that taught me most about myself.

That being said, I fondly remember what has always made me happy. The day I got my driver’s license and was able to have a bit of freedom. Graduating from school and the excitement of what was next. Opening the envelope and seeing that card I got in the mail with my name on it – no, not my credit cards – my SCENE card!

That thing has been through it all with me tucked away in my wallet and recently, Canada’s #1 Entertainment Loyalty Program launched the new #BetterTogether experiences. When I started to look into what these were, I knew these too could become memories I carry with me through and after this all.


Who else remembers earning enough points for a free movie? HOLY MOLY I felt like a rockstar each time, so yes, I’d splurge on layered butter to celebrate. And I’m probably going to do that each and every time I get one until the end of time.

As the world begins to reopen, SCENE members will be able to safely celebrate with a much-deserved ‘SCENE Night Out’ or ‘SCENE Night In.’ Plus, from now until August 27, every time a member uses their SCENE card, $0.25 of the transaction will be donated to Boys & Girls Clubs of Canadaup to a maximum value of $210,000, so that kids and their families can enjoy much-needed experiences after this time of physical distancing.

I. Love. That. SO. Much.

Enjoy a meal in-restaurant where locations are open, or from the comfort of your own home when you order online with Swiss Chalet, East Side Mario’s, Montana’s BBQ & Bar or Kelseys. Don’t forget to load your bonus offers through the SCENE app! Then make the night really special with dinner and a movie – get $1 off for every 100 SCENE points redeemed when you rent or buy the latest Hollywood titles and classic films from the Cineplex Store; or rediscover the magic of the big screen at newly reopened Cineplex theatres for only 500 SCENE points.

So whether you’re more comfortable with a date night at the movies at home, or you’re wanting that theatre experience I know I have been missing so much, there is a way to feel more connected than ever while giving back to such an amazing cause. This is a WIN/WIN if I have ever heard of one. The question is – what film will you pick first? ?

The world needs to find a way to be better. To be more kind. To be more connected and understanding – and one day at a time, we are going to get there. Today, start by giving back in the simple act of watching a movie and making a new memory with me.

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

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