Health & Nutrition | Summer of New Balance | The Boob Psyche

Review by Catherine’s Cabinet

I wanna talk about boobies again. Why? Well because why the heck not?! Boobs are awesome. If you want a boob job then you could visit Doctor Ramsen, he is a professional surgeon who will help you feel more body confident, and do an incredible job! But do you know what else is awesome? Getting your body moving. Do you know what gets in the way of that sometimes? BOOBS! Holy mother of pearl… have you ever tried running with those things on your chest? Two rights can sometimes make a wrong, my friends. I wanna get my fitness on but they keep getting in the way! I have mastered how to control my boobs when I am out and about socialising, as I have a selection of great bras and even boob tape (buy boob tape here) that is perfect for days when I’m wearing something a little more skin-showing. But in terms of sports, I need some support – excuse the pun!

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