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I wanna talk about boobies again. Why? Well because why the heck not?! Boobs are awesome. If you want a boob job then you could visit Doctor Ramsen, he is a professional surgeon who will help you feel more body confident, and do an incredible job! But do you know what else is awesome? Getting your body moving. Do you know what gets in the way of that sometimes? BOOBS! Holy mother of pearl… have you ever tried running with those things on your chest? Two rights can sometimes make a wrong, my friends. I wanna get my fitness on but they keep getting in the way! I have mastered how to control my boobs when I am out and about socialising, as I have a selection of great bras and even boob tape (buy boob tape here) that is perfect for days when I’m wearing something a little more skin-showing. But in terms of sports, I need some support – excuse the pun!

And then a miracle happened. The boob-heavens parted and four beautiful words rang out across the land: “Summer of New Balance”! New Balance Canada has teamed up with some kick ass fitness experts this summer to literally kick your ass all over the city. I was lucky enough to partake in a personalized sport bra fitting and Boxing Bootcamp with health & fitness personality Jennifer Ettinger and Body By Chosen at the swanky new Hard Candy Fitness Toronto. Listen, we get invited to some pretty cool stuff and maybe we make it look easy attending all these events and checking out new hot spots all over town. Well, my friends, this was NOT a walk in the park. Let’s just say I sweat everywhere, like eeeeevverrryyyywheeeeeeeere (yes, everywhere).

Summer of New Balance 2

I was tasked with the super high profile job of testing the New Balance Psyche Bra Collection by wearing my newest over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder while I awkwardly punched the crap out of the sexy Body By Chosen boys. Then I ran around like a mad woman while being tested, taunted, teased and entertained all at once by the incredible Jennifer Ettinger (who by the way makes this all look way too easy… not fair).

Now, I don’t know if this is too much information (heck, do I even care at this point) but I’m a 34DD. I don’t have a tiny frame, but they do get in the way of my LIFE. I’m used to squeezing my ta-tas into some stretchy piece of fabric and then basically shellacking them against my chest in order to go for a run so that they don’t move around. But then, they usually do anyways and what I’m left with at the end of my run is a case of sexy uni-boob with lumpy cleavage all the way up to my chin. No bueno.

You know what I found out during my New Balance fitting (if it wasn’t already obvious, see above)? I wasn’t wearing the right fitness bra. Not even close. Aside from the superficial aspect, I’m actually doing damage to my body as I exercise by not having the proper fit. I should be working on these muscles and ligaments, not hurting them by lacking in the appropriate tension and weight distribution on my shoulders, back and chest. Not to mention digging into my sides and the rubbing (and NOT the good kind).

Psyche Bra NB

My new Psyche Bra felt like a second skin as it conformed perfectly to my chest and back. The straps were easily adjusted so that I could move freely and still feel like my ladies were staying in place. Instead of tugging at my clothes incessantly while trying to get my groove on, I was able to focus on my fitness and on generally just having a blast while having my butt whipped into gear. That’s what it’s about right?

No more excuses, ladies! It’s imperative for your overall health to get that hot bod moving. The benefits of exercise are endless but why not have a little fun while doing it? Stop worrying about a rogue boob by getting the proper support from your fitness bra!


Photos by: Catherine Sugrue, Strut Entertainment & Body By Chosen

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  1. Amazing article! Its great to know. Im on the list for a breast reduction mainly because of the pain from wearing a bra… im a 34F and I wear 2 bras when I work out. Im so looking into this!
    Thanks Catherine!

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