It’s Not The Holidays Until Starbucks Canada Does This…

It’s probably one of my favourite times of the year. On any given day in late autumn I’ll grab my daily coffee at Starbucks during a busy day, and then, just like that … the next morning when I return to the same location, it’s magic. The entire store is decked out in its holiday version full of joy and all the things that get me excited for the snowy months ahead. From Christmas Blend to the big reveal of the holiday cup design, the memories that Starbucks Canada creates for me are some of my favourite holiday moments of all!

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That’s S’More Like It

There is nothing shocking about my love for Starbucks Canada. But do you know that I actually used to work for the company? It’s true!

When I was living in Ottawa, it was one of my favourite jobs – though the coffee perks did help a lot during those long nights staying up writing papers ?. Flash forward a decade(ish) later and here I am sharing exciting news about another Starbucks Canada beverage with you in a whole new way. Though I’m not making it for you, I am excited to tell you what it’s all about!

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