Stepping Up My Summer BBQ Game

Anyone else find themselves sitting the sun smiling and feeling a certain sense of relief? Maybe it’s just me, but the world feels lighter and brighter these days. Amid the realities we are all living, there is something to be said about the simple pleasures in life. From delicious wine to laughs on the phone, urban gardening on my rooftop patio to BBQ season and taking full advantage of new recipes, I am really vibrating on a whole other frequency these days. In hopes i can help you have a certain sense of bliss as well, I thought I’d share a few recipes I was recently introduce to that are gonna completely change your summer BBQ game too.

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Food & Wine | Our favourite summer recipes with President’s Choice

So they say today is the first day of fall, and that’s ok. But for those of you who aren’t ready to let go of the warmer months either, we’ve rounded up our favourite summer recipes with the best ingredients from President’s Choice. No matter what the time of year, you can be sure that we will be enjoying ourselves in the kitchen and are always looking forward to sharing our creations with you all. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Our favourite summer recipes with President’s Choice”

Food & Wine | It’s time to go Yonanas with us this summer

When I think about summer, I imagine days at the beach and cold frozen treats. But I’m also very much aware that everyday I have to make smart choices with the health & expertise of Catherine to guide me. It’s why when we were introduced to Yonanas, I immediately fell in love with the idea of cool summer treats that are not only delicious, but healthy too!  Continue reading “Food & Wine | It’s time to go Yonanas with us this summer”

Food & Wine | This summer is all about a #BetterBurger with Sobeys

For those of you who follow us on social media (@DoTheDaniel if your aren’t yet), you’ll have recently seen that we were a part of Sobeys’ #BetterBurger Twitter Chat. Not to brag or anything, but Canadians from coast to coast were so excited that you all helped to get us trending in Canada! The excitement came alongside the launch of the new fresh Canadian Chuck Burger now available at Sobeys locations. Come & see why we will be buying these delicious new burgers this summer and why you should too! Continue reading “Food & Wine | This summer is all about a #BetterBurger with Sobeys”