My Favourite Spot Asides The TIFF Theatres

TIFF is one of the most amazing, incredible, busy and blurry times of the year for me. We always seem to have at least five things on the go at once, and for the most part, the festival seems to end in the blink of an eye. It’s why I have to be honest, I usually have a few select spots that are my favourite to actually stop and enjoy during it all. Not that the entirety of the experience and festival isn’t amazing – but I’m more so meaning the places where I feel most relaxed during the demanding schedule we share with you all. Every single year since launching, I have been lucky to attend Rock-It Promotions, Inc‘s TIFF lounge. From my humble beginnings writing for another publication, to now running a successful global blog with Catherine, they have been there with me for the journey. Having evolved over the years in both name & size, this year is set to be the best yet! Continue reading “My Favourite Spot Asides The TIFF Theatres”

A #TIFF18 Experience You Might Not Expect

It’s finally here! The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the busiest times of year for us at #DoTheDaniel, and this year I am taking lead on the majority of our coverage while Catherine heads out of town for an exciting #DTDtravels adventure. While I usually would sit here and tell you all about the star-studded premieres we are most excited about, this year I wanted to take a bit of a different perspective. I wanted to share the hidden gems of #TIFF18 and hope that the films we have chosen to attend and enjoy inspire you to curate your own experience to see the best of what TIFF has to offer during the festival!  Continue reading “A #TIFF18 Experience You Might Not Expect”

Celebrating Ten Years With One Of The Best TIFF Events

Now that we are in full fledge #TIFF18 mode – click here if you missed our Top Five Films to see this year – it’s time to bring you BTS for some of the more luxurious moments we are lucky enough to experience during the festival. Every year we are invited to countless “gifting lounges” which essentially are hubs of celebrities hobnobbing with some of our favourite brands. And yes, we are lucky enough to even receive some pretty spectacular gifts along the way while we share the experiences with you via social media. This year marks the 10th Annual Bask-It-Style gifting suite which is taking place at Thompson Hotel Toronto. So before we head off to feel spoiled rotten, we wanted to share what it will entail!  Continue reading “Celebrating Ten Years With One Of The Best TIFF Events”