My Favourite Spot Asides The TIFF Theatres

TIFF is one of the most amazing, incredible, busy and blurry times of the year for me. We always seem to have at least five things on the go at once, and for the most part, the festival seems to end in the blink of an eye. It’s why I have to be honest, I usually have a few select spots that are my favourite to actually stop and enjoy during it all. Not that the entirety of the experience and festival isn’t amazing – but I’m more so meaning the places where I feel most relaxed during the demanding schedule we share with you all. Every single year since launching, I have been lucky to attend Rock-It Promotions, Inc‘s TIFF lounge. From my humble beginnings writing for another publication, to now running a successful global blog with Catherine, they have been there with me for the journey. Having evolved over the years in both name & size, this year is set to be the best yet!

ICYMI, you can click here to read about the top 5 films you need to see during #TIFF18 this year – but let me tell you a bit about what the celebrities staring in those and all the films are doing during the day before they head to see you at their screenings. Chances are, if they have a good publicist with the right connections, they got invited to attend Suite on The Sixth. As mentioned, this gifting lounge is one of my favourite spots to be during the festival not only because of the amazing brands that come together to spoil me. But moreso because of the talented people behind the magic that work so hard to put it together. 

I’ll be honest – this industry is fast paced, and a lot of the times, “professional” friends come and go depending on your usefulness to them. But I have never felt more understood than I do with the team at Rock-It Promotions. They are some of the most hard working individuals in their industry, and thanks to them, I always feel just a little less stressed when I join them for their lounge experience. That’s saying a lot considering how many invites we get, and how little time we have to spare during the ten days of festivities, events, screenings, and attempting to sleep at some point in there! 

So who are some of the brands we will get to introduce you to during our lounge experience right before the festival starts? Let’s take a look! 

Everybody from A-list Oscar winning talent to our amazing local Canadian stars have visited Suite on the Sixth (formerly Tastemakers) in the past. This year, guests will get the opportunity to explore brands including Casper, L’Oréal Paris, Perth Soap Co., BOGS⁰, SimplyProtein, Lindt, adidas, and more. We also encourage you to bring your furry friends as Crumps’ Naturals will be showcasing their new premium dehydrated dog food called “Gutsy”.

Did I also mention that there is an amazing charitable component to the event which will see every major celebrity come through the doors? Yet another testament to the fact I wouldn’t miss this lounge for anything. 

“Continuing the event’s charitable mandate, Suite on the Sixth is proud to give back to Leave Out Violence (LOVE), an organization devoted to helping youth who are challenged by many forms of violence to build the skills and confidence necessary to change their lives and communities. Guests will have an opportunity to show their support by autographing a large display board that will later be given to LOVE for auction. Suite on the Sixth will also donate $50 for each signature on the board, up to $10,000.
“Our charitable partner this year, LOVE, comes at a time when the world needs to come together more than ever. With the large increase of violence in Toronto, we are proud to be able to lend our support to a local cause trying to make some real change,” says Goldblatt-Sadowski. “We look forward to welcoming friends into our space and introducing them to this organization, as well as all the amazing brands that are participating.”

As this will be my final TIFF as a member of Do The Daniel, it’s extra special to me to know that I will be among friends who love and cherish what we have done together over the last five years. And who I will continue to love following along with for many more TIFFs to come under the new direction this blog and brand will take when I step down at the end of the year. 

I encourage you to follow along with the #SOT6 hashtag over the next several days to not only see some of your favourite celebrities, but also some of the most memorable moments of the #TIFF18 season. Thank you as always, from the bottom of my heart, to the Rock-It Promotions team for inviting us. I can’t wait to see you and celebrate another incredible year with you! 

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Daniel Reyes

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