Miracle on Bloor St. is back & here’s why you need to go

With the holiday season officially here (he writes as he looks out the window as sudden snow falling) it’s time to start planning office parties, family dinners, and amid the holiday shopping, finding the time to celebrate with your friends and family. All of that is exciting and I look forward to it, but where do I go when I want to pause the stress but still enjoy the holiday spirit? Miracle on Bloor St. of course!

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The Best Events of The Week!

I am not about to sit here and tell you that Pride Month isn’t a busy one for us – I am grateful to be a queer creator and in many cases over the last nine years of blogging, June is my highest traffic month of all with some spectacular partners who want to work with me. 2022 is no different asides from the fact that we are booked and busy in between Ottawa and Toronto – I wanted to share some of the best events happening this week in Toronto that you can still get tickets to (hopefully) to come join us in the #PrideTO celebrations!

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Winefest Toronto is Back and Better Than Ever

Honestly, if I never have to take another ZOOM meeting, I’d be happy. The last two years have been disruptive to say the least, and some of my most fond memories of Toronto have involved large gatherings of people over good food and good wine. It’s why with so many events finally coming back from the hiatus of the pandemic, I am so excited to experience them all again – including the triumphant return of Winefest Toronto!

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This Is No Laughing Matter

Life isn’t always beautiful selfies and great food. It’s something really hard and can get you down. It’s why I try to find ways to laugh and unwind wherever and whenever I can amid the responsibilities of running the blog, being a husband, and working towards having children.

Julio & I have been invited to attend SiriusXM’s Top Comic Competition in Toronto as the competition celebrates its tenth year, and I cannot wait to kick back and laugh the night away. Come check out what the competition is all about the main reason why comedy is so important to me!

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