(Some of) My Favourite Toronto Restaurants To Get You Hungry

As someone that has worked in the restaurant industry in some capacity for almost fifteen years, my heart is heavy for the city of Toronto right now. I don’t want to focus too much on the challenges because that would detract from the message of this post – how we all can support local small businesses and restaurants throughout the last few weeks of 2020. So in an attempt to get you hungry and ordering curbside pickup or delivery, here is my list of (some) of the restaurants I love most.

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Events | Did you know that AIR MILES has exclusive #AIRMILESEvents for collectors?

For those of you who follow along with our adventures on social media, you’ll have seen that alongside Ama Scriver (a good friend & one of my favourite bloggers), I attended an #AIRMILESEvents with AIR MILES. Being that I’ve been an AIR MILES collector for a long time, when I found out that I could use miles for an exclusive chef experience, I knew I had to jump at the opportunity to attend with a friend. Come and read all about what the evening entailed and how you can sign up for the next #AIRMILESEvents! Continue reading “Events | Did you know that AIR MILES has exclusive #AIRMILESEvents for collectors?”

Food & Wine | My Top 5 Healthy Meals with Ritual

Let’s face it. Eating healthy with a busy schedule is never an easy task, especially when living in Toronto. I know that a lot of my friends need to use Blue Apron in order to have their ingredients for quick and easy meals ready for them as soon as they get home. My Food Subscriptions has gone into more depth about them on their blog because I don’t think it would be the best service for me (I’m not a very good cook!). While balancing life at the office, at home, deadlines, emails, social media… life is busy. Without Blue Apron it can be a bit difficult which is why I was so excited to show you all that eating healthy on the go is possible thanks to Ritual. Check out my top 5 Healthy Meals around the city that I purchased using the app during my busy week! Continue reading “Food & Wine | My Top 5 Healthy Meals with Ritual”

Food & Wine | 5 ways to enjoy a #TasteWithNespresso experience with Nespresso

I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of Taste of Toronto yesterday with Julio and am still left smiling from the experience. For the second year, Taste of Toronto gathers together some of the best restaurants, chefs and food vendors for a foodie fantasy come true.

This year, I had the opportunity to sit down at the Nespresso #TasteWithNespresso booth (see here for all the delicious details) to try a full spectrum of delicious products.  I also got to pair some of my favourite dishes with Nespresso products in a food & coffee pairing experiment that left me realizing coffee is just as complex as wine when it comes to enjoying it with a meal.

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