Events | Did you know that AIR MILES has exclusive #AIRMILESEvents for collectors?

For those of you who follow along with our adventures on social media, you’ll have seen that alongside Ama Scriver (a good friend & one of my favourite bloggers), I attended an #AIRMILESEvents with AIR MILES. Being that I’ve been an AIR MILES collector for a long time, when I found out that I could use miles for an exclusive chef experience, I knew I had to jump at the opportunity to attend with a friend. Come and read all about what the evening entailed and how you can sign up for the next #AIRMILESEvents!

I fondly remember singing up for my AIR MILES card the moment I was of age to do so. Over the last almost two decades (omg. two decades.) I have been collecting and using miles for perks and products. When I found out that the chef series of events was yet another perk available to collectors who use their points, I knew I had to experience this for myself. 

So what exactly did it entail?

After using my AIR MILES online, we made our way to Sopra Upper Lounge for an intimate evening with Chef Massimo Capra. As VIP collectors, we joined Chef Capra for an intimate cooking lesson before sitting down to a delicious meal. For those of you who missed the live broadcast on Periscope, take a look at the experience in the video below:

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Following this once in a lifetime experience, we made our way over to the dinning room to enjoy a four course meal with wine pairings by Inniskillin. From antipasto to fresh made pasta, slow stewed venison to roasted pears… this was one heck of a meal. 

Chef Capra spoke to the room before every course and explained the items we were about to enjoy. Among a total of 50 AIR MILES collectors, we had the opportunity to meet and mingle over an exemplary meal. This is just one of the many perks available to AIR MILES collectors from coast to coast. 

If you aren’t already an AIR MILES collector- what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up today!

This was probably one of my favourite events I’ve attended in a long time and I know that once you experience it for yourself, you’ll agree.

I can’t wait to sign up for more #AIRMILESEvents as a proud AIR MILES collector. For more information about exclusive events taking place near you, make sure to click here. 

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Photos: AIR MILES, Ama Scriver & Daniel Reyes 


Daniel Reyes