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Let’s face it. Eating healthy with a busy schedule is never an easy task, especially when living in Toronto. I know that a lot of my friends need to use Blue Apron in order to have their ingredients for quick and easy meals ready for them as soon as they get home. My Food Subscriptions has gone into more depth about them on their blog because I don’t think it would be the best service for me (I’m not a very good cook!). While balancing life at the office, at home, deadlines, emails, social media… life is busy. Without Blue Apron it can be a bit difficult which is why I was so excited to show you all that eating healthy on the go is possible thanks to Ritual. Check out my top 5 Healthy Meals around the city that I purchased using the app during my busy week!

For those of you who remember, we were introduced to Ritual earlier this year. The app itself makes ordering food SO much easier at locations all over Toronto by allowing you to enjoy the food you love without the hassle of waiting in line or payment. For those of you who have experienced what it’s like to try and get a “quick” meal here in the city, this app will help to save you time and frustration.

how ritual works #myRitual #bestofRitual DoTheDaniel

Ritual #bestofRitual #myRitual DoTheDaniel

With five major areas of the city core being serviced by the app (and more to come I’m sure!), the choices for healthy meals are just as convenient as the more indulgent options we might be tempted to purchase. I know that I am personally working towards being a healthier version of myself and so here are my Top 5 Healthy Meals with Ritual for you all to enjoy:

1. King West: Portland Variety (587 King Street West)

Tomato Avocado Sandwich (same, cheddar, Multigrain) grilled or not. + Large Owl and Goose Smoothie (“nutrients your body craves in a delicious green smoothie made with fresh leafy greens, wild edibles and a touch of fruit”). A great lunch that you can enjoy on the patio if you have a few minutes or that commutes well back to the office with you! – $17.40*

2. Entertainment District: Ravi Soups (322 Adelaide Street West)

Wrap & Soup combo which includes choice of sald & soup. I chose a Ravistew soup (Chicken, baby spinach, mushroom, wild rice, edamame, cilantro, crispy shallots & root vegetables. Cheddar biscuit w red pepper jelly) + Ravislaw salad (spinach, Napa, mint, pineapple, mango, Thai basil, cilantro, crispy shallots, lime & chili aioli) with a refreshing Perrier to drink. For those of you like me who enjoy fizzy drinks but don’t want the sugar and calories, Perrier is a great option! – $17.39*

3. Liberty Village: Live Market (134 Atlantic Avenue)

Acapulco Box (brown rice, adzuki & black bean, walnut taco “meat”, tomato salsa, guacamole, cashew “cheddar”, cashew “sour cream”, mixed greens, tomato, jalapeño & nacho chips) + a Pure Detox cold pressed juice (apple, pineapple, fennel & veggie detox). Did I mention this meal is also vegan friendly? Not that it matters to me, but a great healthy option for those of you looking to improve your eating habits without sacrificing taste! – $27.34*

4. St Lawrence Market: Evolution Food Co. (12 Market Street)

Market Street Lunch Box (spiced peacan, dried cranberry, fresh apple, sunflower seed, Ontario goat cheese, lemon & honey vinaigrette & balsamic dijon) + Watermelon Wonder Cold-Pressed Juice with Pistachio & Chocolate Fresh Greek Yogurt (pistachio, dark chocolate, orange, mint & Ontario honey) for dessert. Yes I got dessert, but at least it’s better than a lot of options out there. Sometimes you have to indulge within reason and Ritual is there to help you do just that! – $31.37*

5. Discovery District: Cultures (505 University Avenue)

Pacific Culture Bowl (tuna, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, basil, black olives & poppy seed dressing atop warm brown rice) + Large Green Tea Smoothie. Sometimes simple is best, and this meal was one that left me feeling refreshed vs the food comma that eating on the go can sometimes bring on. – $18.17*

*Prices including tip (options available) and subject to change.

I enjoyed eating healthy all week long and look forward to using Ritual to ensure I can continue on my healthy journey. To enjoy the convenience yourself, you can download the app in iTunes or Google Play.

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Photos: Ritual & Daniel Desforges


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