Hey Google, Help Me Keep Up With This To Do List

With 2020 flying by, and having been working from home like most of you have been, I find myself realizing that it may be time to update and upgrade some of the most used items in my day to day life. Clearly, out of habit I turned to google.com to myself “google” some options, all the while realizing I was proverbially staring the answer right in the face.

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The Best Way To Start 2019

With January well underway, I am immersed in all the excitement that the new year has presented for the team and I around the world. Going into planning mode for our big birthday bash in a few weeks, I am left thinking what gift I want to give myself for the special ocassion. I was lucky enough to be spoiled by friends, family and fantastic partners as 2018 came to a close, but now that I’m looking for a gift for me from me. Thankfully my friends at Rogers have got me covered and after the success of our holiday contest with them – all the incredible items we gave away – I am ready to start 2019 off with a few upgrades of my own.

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