Hey Google, Help Me Keep Up With This To Do List

With 2020 flying by, and having been working from home like most of you have been, I find myself realizing that it may be time to update and upgrade some of the most used items in my day to day life. Clearly, out of habit I turned to google.com to myself “google” some options, all the while realizing I was proverbially staring the answer right in the face.

Whether I’m posting on Instagram during a trip with my #BubbleBuddies (click here to see what that’s all about) or sitting down to write a blog post, I rely on having the best tools to do what I love. Over the years I have watched as friends of mine in the media world began to work with Google products, and had begun to peak my curiosity.

Picture this. I live in a three story town home which I have an office on the third floor. Being that I work from home, I probably have a dress shirt on but am pantless. The doorbell rings, Canela goes running, and now I am scrambling to get pants and to the door. If I had the Google Nest Hub, with delivery greeter, I could save myself the anxious run down the stairs (possibly pantless) by thanking the courier and telling them to leave it at the door if possible.

That, right there, has happened. Too many times for my liking ?


Perhaps another embarrassing story? I haven’t had a pair of headphones I love in a long time. And with so many zoom calls, I am usually the one on the call having to mute myself or causing that feedback loop echo. It’s embarrassing and can easily be saved by getting myself a pair of Pixel Buds.


And of course, I’ve spoken to mobile devices for years. Julio has been using a Google Pixel for years, and I genuinely am starting to realize that he takes better photos than I do. Especially at night – so most of the photos you see on MY social media, he takes, so that I can present you with the best image possible.


So where do I stand? Where do I start?

From my current shopping for a Google Nest Hub Max with Google Assistant in my home to help stay connected with family and friends around the world via video calls – to realizing it’s been way too long since I upgraded my laptop, it seems as though Google not only has answers to my random fact questions, but also has products to help make my life easier personally and professionally.

I hope that as 2020 continues I can bring myself up to speed with some of the best personal electronic. First on my list is a Pixel Book, next is a Google Pixel, and then, the sky is the limit.


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Photos: Daniel Reyes & All Social Media accounts listed above

Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

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