Travel Experiences You Have To See For Yourself

I’m sitting at my laptop today looking through photos of travel experiences from around the world and realizing that my wandering spirit needs a new experience, and soon. I’ve loved exploring more of Canada over the last few years and recently I was introduced to several destinations that have become favourites, alongside a few experiences I can’t wait to book for the first time!

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Here’s The Real Reason Why We Go To Vancouver

Just a little more than a year ago, Julio and I were getting ready for our first trip to Vancouver together. Thinking back on lockdowns, vaccines, public health restrictions and everything that happened in between then and now, it feels like it’s been five or six years. As we inch our way towards our sixth wedding anniversary, I’m excited to share that we will be headed back to the west coast of Canada. Instead of a list of places and things to do, I thought I’d give you a heartfelt blog post about why the west coast is so special and even share the real reason why we go to Vancouver to celebrate whenever we can.

Have I spiked your curiosity yet?

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Seeing and Experiencing Vancouver for the First Time

As many of you would have seen, Julio and I recently shared that we would be heading to Vancouver for our fifth wedding anniversary – click here to read about why we feel safe in doing so.

Having had the pleasure of traveling to the west coast a few times already for the blog, I’ve had my magical mountains and Pacific ocean moments and I cherish them. That being said, with four days to fill, I thought I’d share with you what seeing and experiencing Vancouver for the first time is going to be like for Julio.

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My Favourite Spots to Eat & Drink in Vancouver

While the year comes to a close and we all bundle up for the winter months, I am yet again in a nostalgic frame of mind. I wanted to take a moment to walk you through the restaurants that you would have seen Julio and I enjoy during our trip to the west coast for our wedding anniversary. For those of you visiting or living in Vancouver, these restaurants are sure to make you as happy as they did us.

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