Seeing and Experiencing Vancouver for the First Time

As many of you would have seen, Julio and I recently shared that we would be heading to Vancouver for our fifth wedding anniversary – click here to read about why we feel safe in doing so.

Having had the pleasure of traveling to the west coast a few times already for the blog, I’ve had my magical mountains and Pacific ocean moments and I cherish them. That being said, with four days to fill, I thought I’d share with you what seeing and experiencing Vancouver for the first time is going to be like for Julio.

Exploring a city for the first time is one of my favourite feelings – I still remember seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower for the first time. But even better with that feeling is exploring a city through the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time. Julio and I have explored the Mayan Riviera, Arizona, Paris, London, Toronto, Montreal and many beautiful destinations together. This trip will be his first time to the majestic city of Vancouver.

So what do we have planned for the four day trip? Well first off we have booked a spectacular room at The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver to be located close to everything we could possibly need and have a view that is unlike anything Julio has ever experienced.

As with the majority of our travel and staycation content this year, it’s important for me to acknowledge the work the hotel and their team have put in to their commitment to clean safety procedures.

  • Deeper, more frequent cleaning
  • Less contact, more connection
  • Allowing for a sense of sanctuary and safety
  • Nourishing the “new normal”

Why this hotel? With recent renovations to guestrooms and suites, incredible dining experience, and of course the location is the perfect balance of the city feeling and the calm nature.

Amid the days of exploring the city safely while respecting local public health advisories, we will venture in to Stanley Park, walk the Vancouver Seawall and I’ve also bought our tickets to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (pictured above). Vancouver is definitely one of the more outdoor cities I’ve visited in Canada, and with the views they have, I don’t blame them!

For those of you who visit Vancouver for the first time – or even those of you who live there and want to play tourist – getting outside is a great way to see and feel the beauty of the west coast. With RunWESTIN® and BikeWESTIN®, guests of the hotel can enjoy being physically active while exploring in the warmer months. We of course are visiting during the winter but it’s going to be just as stunning to explore with recommendations from the hotel staff.

Now it wouldn’t be a trip here on Do The Daniel if I didn’t stop to talk about food. Vancouver’s food scene is one that I’ve always loved. I recently shared the list of restaurants I’ve lined up for us with a foodie friend and she got SO excited. I of course will be sharing with you all as we explore, but if you’re curious where a food lover should visit stay tuned for another delicious blog post very soon.

One of those experiences that I can share with you as a sneak peek is a romantic evening at H Tasting Lounge which is conveniently located at the hotel. But asides that, there are many other dining experiences to be had on top of H2 Rotisserie & Bar on the weekends and T & Co Café.

Amenities are of course always something to keep in mind when traveling. While most hotels have amended services for the time being, The Westin Bayshore’s amenities include the outdoor and indoor pool; 24-hour fitness centre; yoga studio (Just Add Water Yoga Studio); Liquid Yoga program offered out at the pool; on-site Spa, Vida Spa and so much more.

I cannot wait to get to Vancouver and stay at The Westin Bayshore while we explore the food, the scenery and the energy that is like no other in Canada. Make sure to follow along with Julio and I on social media for the beautiful inspiration.

For those of you who are looking for the perfect place to explore Vancouver from when you arrive (or need a change a scenery with a staycation in your own city) head to this link to check out all the amazing offers the hotel has going right now for you to take advantage of.

Lastly – The Westin Bayshore has created an EXCLUSIVE for those of you reading this post. Click here to take advantage of this special #DoTheDaniel offer available from January 5-10 2021 where you’ll get 25% off of a guestroom rate, and a $25 resort credit to be applied to dining and parking.

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