Let’s Give Praise Where Praise is Due

Prepare yourself for a bit of a mushy post. Lately I am so moved by those people around me, especially the women in my life. Through thick and thin, I can look to any of them for inspiration in my personal and professional life. Bar none, Catherine is at the top of this list because of our long friendship and ability to run and operate the day-to-day of #DoTheDaniel together. When I stopped to think about it, I realized that she may be one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs that I know – something that many of you should be made aware of. So when I recently found out about the Veuve Clicquot’s 2018 Business Woman Award I of course nominated her. Come see what the awards are all about and how you too can help to celebrate the inspiring women in the world with us.  Continue reading “Let’s Give Praise Where Praise is Due”

Come celebrate in style with us

Does anyone else love the month of May as much as I do? Not only does it make me happy because Julio’s birthday is May 5th, but it usually means warmer weather and celebrating the exciting summer ahead. One of my favourite traditions each year is to attend Veuve Clicquot’s #Yelloweek, and this year you know that we will be celebrating with you all in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver. Though I wish I could be jet-setting across our beautiful country to see each city, I wanted to take a minute to share this year’s exciting schedule in hopes that it inspires you to come celebrate with us in style.  Continue reading “Come celebrate in style with us”

Food & Wine | Follow your heart and fill your glass with some of our favourites

When I stop to think about romance, it usually involves setting the mood. Candles, flowers, and of course the perfect drink to cheers to the ones you love – be they friends, family or my hubby. It’s why when I stop to think about what I want to sip on this Valentine’s Day, I know that products found in the Moët Hennessy family are the perfect addition to a perfect occasion. We share some of our favourite brands and signature cocktails that are sure to woo the ones you love this #ValentinesDay! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Follow your heart and fill your glass with some of our favourites”

Food & Wine | Veuve Clicquot launches Rich in Canada & we are stocking up!

I sat down and realized today that we haven’t stopped since Julio & I got back from Mexico on our #HelloExperience… it’s been a busy summer and it’s only getting busier! Last week I had the chance to celebrate the launch of Veuve Clicquot‘s newest product, Veuve Clicquot Rich, which officially has launched in Canada. This new product, the first for the Champagne maison in a very long time, is all about the summer cocktail and inspiring you to get creative. We’ve already stocked up our fridge at home for friends, family and romantic nights in together. Come & see why you should do the same with Veuve Clicquot’s full range of products including Rich. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Veuve Clicquot launches Rich in Canada & we are stocking up!”