A Form of Self-Expression

Having not sat down to write a blog post in some time, I find myself feeling relieved at the chance to write and get back to something that feeds my soul in ways nothing else can.

Life got really busy this year, in a lot of different ways. Had you asked me a year ago where I thought I would be in life, it certainly wouldn’t be here. Not that this place in life – both physically and mentally – is bad, but it’s just not what I expected. I guess that is sort of a beautiful thought if you think about it. You’re never quite sure where life is going to take you, but as long as you continue to follow your heart and express what you want and deserve, it’s never going to be dull. Maybe that sentiment is what inspired this recent blog post. Let’s see if you agree.

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Revisiting Some Ideas That Are Perfect When You’re Feeling Cooped Up

Over the years I’ve had a lot of beautiful memories. Lots of amazing moments that I’ve been lucky enough to share with you all. But along the way, there was also some mistakes that I’ve made which I look back on and think I could have probably handled a bit better. Without going into it, because there’s nothing to be found in rehashing the past, I am now in a place where I realize the past helped me become who I am today. And those same experiences will hopefully guide my way in the future.

Sounds a bit corny? Probably. But I’ve always been a bit of a romantic with my writing. And for a lot of you, that’s what keeps you coming back. ?

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What My Perfect Day Would Entail

It seems a little self indulgent to be sitting down to write a blog post dedicated to myself, but sometimes I think that putting out your intentions into the universe is a great way of making them come true. October 17th is going to not only mark an exciting time for us as a country with legalization, but it just so happens to be my 35th birthday. Funny to think about that number because for as long as I can remember my “life plan” had me married at 30, with children at 35, owning a home at 40. Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, but I also know that the path I am on right now is the one that will lead me to my best self. I am working on my physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and I like to think that 35 will be better than 34. Only time will tell I guess – but in the meantime, if I could have the perfect birthday, here are a few things I would want it to include!  Continue reading “What My Perfect Day Would Entail”