Yet Another Reason to Visit Montreal

With the summer months around the corner and sunshine shinning on my face today while I catch up on emails I find myself feeling inspired to plan travel and day trips with Julio. Our Kia Canada Seltos is ordered and on the way, and it would be a shame if I didn’t take advantage of being so close to Montreal while we live in Ottawa – in case you didn’t have enough reasons to visit the city, a new experience just launched at one of my favourite hotels in the city and I want to tell you all about it!

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What makes you proud?

2017 marked a lot of firsts for us at DoTheDaniel – our first year as an incorporated business, our first ever Pride Parade where we were asked to be on a float, our first time sharing content in three languages, just to name a few! There is so much to be proud of, and that got me thinking. What is it about my life that makes me proud? I think it’s the ability to work with brands and experiences around the world that showcase diversity, power and persistance to change the world. You’ll remember that we had the pleasure of visiting W Montréal last year (click here to see more), and since then I have watched as they help to showcase truly Canadian ideals such as this. It’s why I wanted to share with you a new speaking series that they have launched!  Continue reading “What makes you proud?”

Travel & Lifestyle | Why I’m still dreaming about the #InsiderCollective experience at W Montréal

There are certain things that I have been lucky enough to share on the blog that stand out as perfect memories. That’s a strong word to use, but to me they embody a moment in my life that I will never forget because they were filled with laughter and joy. Earlier this year, our friends at W Montréal invited us to visit alongside a few select colleagues to experience what their hotel is all about (you’ll remember we shared the excitement here).  Weeks later, I am left dreaming of the experience and excited to plan a return with Julio to do it all again. Come and read about what the #InsiderCollective experience meant to me and why it was, in all senses of the word, perfect.  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Why I’m still dreaming about the #InsiderCollective experience at W Montréal”