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There are certain things that I have been lucky enough to share on the blog that stand out as perfect memories. That’s a strong word to use, but to me they embody a moment in my life that I will never forget because they were filled with laughter and joy. Earlier this year, our friends at W Montréal invited us to visit alongside a few select colleagues to experience what their hotel is all about (you’ll remember we shared the excitement here).  Weeks later, I am left dreaming of the experience and excited to plan a return with Julio to do it all again. Come and read about what the #InsiderCollective experience meant to me and why it was, in all senses of the word, perfect. 

To see Julio’s perspective on our most recent trip via FASHIONIGHTS, make sure to click here. He’s shared some exclusive photos that you won’t see anywhere else!

I had never had the chance to stay at a W Hotel property prior to our visit, but quickly came to realize that the chain of hotels is one of the most vibrant around the world. With openings taking place adding to the family throughout 2016, you can bet that my travel To Do List has tripled in length! 

W Montréal is located by the iconic Old Montréal neighbourhood which boasts some of the best fashion, food and romantic experiences. I like to think that just makes sense, since the hotel itself embodies those things and so much more. 

“Do a double take – our Montreal luxury hotel is sleeker, sexier, and sassier than ever before after a recent guest room restyling. Our location in the historic Banque du Canada building places you steps from picturesque Old Montréal and everywhere in the city you want to be.”




Immediately as you walk through the doors and are greeted by the opulence of “The Living Room”, aka the strikingly beautiful red lobby, you feel relaxed. Though it may not stay the way it looks above in the photo for long with renovations planned over the next few years, it immediately kept me grounded. After flying into the city on Porter and commuting in from the airport, I felt like I was running a mile a minute. The space itself and the hotel staff helped to remind me that I was there to relax and unwind with my husband. 

Upon checking in to the hotel room with Julio, I was blown away by the open design concept of our hotel room. With stark white (PERFECT for those instagram photos we all love to take and double tap) and gold accents alongside a bathroom that left me drooling… How could I not jump on the bed and get wrapped up in the finer things that the hotel had ready for us?

We of course shared one of our “come along with us” videos on Periscope that I uploaded to share with you all again. 

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The room itself truly helped to showcase the updated vibrancy the hotel is looking to convey for each and every guest that walks through their doors. Also, if I could sleep in that bed and bathe in that bath for the rest of my life, I would. I’m not the only one that loved their room.. here are a few photos from some of our favourite bloggers that we got to enjoy the experience with.


À la francaise

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Breakfast in bed & lollipops

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Thinking of room service and chill on my last night at @WMontreal… #InsiderCollective #FSNTravels #Montreal

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Waking up at @WMontreal on a Thursday got me feelin’ all ???. Snap by @myfashavenue.

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Thank you to my @wmontreal family for the most wonderful hospitality! I’m in love with your romantic city!?

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and let’s not forget…


32 going on 5

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So the room is beautiful, that much we’ve asserted. But what about the other experiences we were lucky enough to have? First off, let’s talk about  ÊTRE AVEC TOI (Ê.A.T), the stunning street art inspired hotel restaurant. With a seafood menu that had me excited from the very first bite, the space itself is so Montréal. What do I mean by that? It’s a dichotomous mix of elegance and urban energies.

With graffiti art adorning the tables, walls and even the entrance, it brings the city life inside. Classic cocktails and beautiful waitstaff are always a bonus, but it is the execution of a well thought out menu that left me smiling. For both Montréalers and visitors to the hotel alike, this is a hotspot you simply have to experience for yourself to see what I mean. 





I think the best part of the decor that represents local artists is that on the walls, you’ll notice there are blank canvases. Similarly to how the restaurant will continue to grow and evolve, so will the art. Sampling local artists on a regular rotation, ÊTRE AVEC TOI (Ê.A.T) allows them to create new art to be featured on the walls of one of my favourite restaurants in the 514. How amazing is that!? Go try it now. Trust me.

So let’s jump into what the #InsiderCollective was all about… What sets W Montréal aside from other hotels and experience is their ability to curate your stay both at the hotel and in the city of Montréal. A fun fact that I learnt during our stay is that each W Hotel property has a W Insider that works for them. Their role is to know the hottest restaurant in their city, keep an ear to the ground for the newest event and help you experience things to truly make yours stay memorable.

Falling into the WHATEVER/WHENEVER® service model, Caroline Khangi is the W Insider at W Montréal. She not only curated some amazing excursions and dinning experiences for us, but quickly became a close friend. When you meet her, you’ll understand why we love her so much. With the assistance of the amazing team who help to run the hotel behind the scenes we took trips around Montréal to visit designer eyewear brand BonLook (omg I’m obsessed with my new pair), got the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Frank & Oak HQ warehouse and even got to meet designers that Julio has been blogging about for years (who just happen to be friends of hers)


Picked up a new pair of @bonlook glasses today while exploring Montréal

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Exploring Old Montreal

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Spicy Ramen forever.

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The whole process left me feeling like a real VIP and to show me that W Montréal is always looking to make their guests feel this way. Having been born in Montréal and lived there as a little boy, I can admit that I didn’t know the city as well as I thought I did. With the #InsiderCollective experience it was about rediscovering the city while feeling at home at my new favourite hotel in Montréal. 

The dynamic energy of the both the hotel and its staff offer a luxury experience that didn’t ever come across as pompous or stuffy. It was a compliment to my life and the things I love while helping to show me what makes them different. Like I said, to me the hotel and the entire stay was perfect. I genuinely need to get back with Julio as soon as possible. 

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Photos: W Montréal, Daniel Reyes, Julio Reyes & Michelle Gagné


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