The Hottest Online Shopping Platform Around

Remember back in the day, before all of the other sites that allow you to trade, borrow and steal (in savings)? Do you remember when you had an eBay account and all of a sudden the world opened up and you had anything and everything at your fingertips?

Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve shopped at eBay Canada, but I found myself looking for some unique vintage items (I might have a small obsession with LEVIS ORIGINAL jeans – just saying) and I went to the only place I trusted: eBay Canada.

Now before you say it “Don’t you live in the US? Why are you on eBay Canada?” Well, you can take the Canadian out of Canada, but not the Canada out of the Canadian… Okay well you know what I mean! I’m an online shopper, and I refuse to pay more shipping fees than I really need to, when sending to Canada if I’m getting gifts for friends. So, I do what anyone would do, I shop on the Canadian platform and save on shipping!

Can I just say, that the eBay of the early 2000’s is a far cry from the eBay that we know today! One of the reasons I favour sites like this are because they’ve done a great job of curating an online experience that:

  1. Offers an ease of use and navigation;
  2. Suggests items I may be interested in;
  3. Notifies me of price drops, and;
  4. Offers a large range of products

Well, on my hunt for the coveted vintage wedgie Levis Jeans, I went to the only place I remembered offered a bottomless supply: eBay! When there, I noticed some really amazing updates that I think deserve a serious shout out!

HUGE COLLECTION OF ITEMS – eBay is such an amazing resource to find unique vintage items and everyday items that you wouldn’t necessarily find on other popular platforms. Don’t leave this resource off your list when you’re scouring the internet for that PIECE! Additionally, if you decide to use eBay as a platform to sell larger items, just know that with companies that provide backloading as a service, you won’t have to worry about this side of things. There’s always someone out there willing to help, which is beneficial for you.

LOOK AND FEEL – the platform has changed entirely! It’s cleaner, items displayed on clean white backgrounds. You don’t feel like you’re in a virtual flea market anymore. I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I moved away from eBay was because sometimes I felt overwhelmed. Well, not anymore! Even the way you can filter your search is more intuitive and straightforward.

SPOTLIGHT DEALS! – I really like this feature. Many others have adopted this feature, and I’m happy eBay has as well. The difference is, eBay has such a huge library of sellers, you have more range and opportunity to find a great deal and savings! Definitely check it out when you visit.

If you’re a seller on eBay Canada, things just got even better for you! They’ve made some great updates this summer to help you increase your sales, all focused on the consumer experience and highlights I mentioned above! Here is what you can expect to change:

1) Sales Tax Changes! Starting July 1st 2017, they will be changing the contracting party for Canadian residents and businesses from eBay International to eBay Canada Limited! What does that mean? Sales tax (GST/HST/QST) will be charged on eBay fees starting July 1st, 2017. The applicable sales tax rate will vary by province, which we will determined based on your registered eBay address. 

2) Promoted Listings! This summer eBay Canada will launch promoted listings in Canada, offering you the seller a low risk way to boost the visibility and sales of your listings on the platform. It’s available to TOP RATED under the US or GLOBAL program, or who have an eBay Store subscription.

3) eBay Bucks! This summer, selected Canadian eBay buyers will be invited to participate in the eBay Bucks program. Basically, once enrolled buyers will earn a percentage of the item price of their qualifying purchases in the form of eBay bucks. Every three months the member will receive a certificate that they can use to apply on eBay purchases.

4) eBay Gift Cards! New this year, aimed to launch soon, eBay Canada will launch their first ever Canadian gift card program!

5) New Homepage on! In May, launched a new homepage aimed to provide a more engaging platform offering dynamic content that is more personalized with recommended deals, products and sellers.

6) They have introduced SHIPPO! Later this summer, they will be replacing the current PayPal label form and moving forward with a more streamlined shipping option, Shippo. Key features:

  • Ship anywhere Canada Post ships
  • Access eBay’s discounted Canada Post rates
  • Save time with pre-filled address, parcel info, and address validation
  • Batch-print shipping labels
  • Sync tracking information back to eBay
  • Automate international customs forms
  • Continue to pay with PayPal
  • Grow internationally by connecting with multiple carriers

If you want to learn more, click HERE

Love, L

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Photos by eBay Canada