The best ways to create classic Canadian memories

By now you should all be feeling the #Canada150 love. It seems as though at every turn, there is a reason to celebrate our beautiful country and all of the exciting events we are partnering with. When it comes to creating my very own Canadian memories, there are always a few brands that come to mind almost immediately. Canadian Tire recently asked Julio & I to host an event centered around their CANVAS line of products and I was so inspired by the experience that I wanted to share some of my favourite items to help you create your very own memories in the most Canadian way possible this summer. 

Now that Julio & I have decided it’s time to find a new home (click here to read more), there is a lot to do! From organizing movers to deciding on decor for the new spaces we will soon call home later this year. What better way to do that than with Canadian Tire? You may have seen that Canadian Tire went all out to help get Canadians in the summer spirit with the launch of CANVAS House in Toronto (click here to see some of our favourite photos from the space via some of our favourite people) Now the premise of the collection is pretty awesome: your home, your canvas. Makes sense, and since I consider myself an artistic person, it’s all about creating a space that reflects us as a couple and to help welcome our friends and family. Being that Julio is a big fan of supporting Canadian brands and businesses, I also love that Canadian Tire partners with Canadian designers for collections and textiles, including Avril Loreti for this season. Even more reason to celebrate all things Canada! 
So when I stop to think about the summer and creating a new home, considering that Julio & I are planning on moving into a bigger space as we continue to grow our family, my mind is immediately drawn to an outdoor space and patio. There is nothing more relaxing to me than enjoying delicious food, great wine, and amazing company around a beautiful patio set. I’ve always wanted to have an amazing outdoor space in my home because if you know us, you will know that we love to host parties, and being able to show off our home at the same time is definitely a wish of ours. Which is why when we do eventually make the decision to move, we want to be pointed in the direction of professionals similar to these Ottawa real estate agents who will be able to find exactly what we’re looking for. Everything will have to be perfect, down to the last crack in the patio pavement. Real estate in Canada is one of the best markets out there though, so it is very likely that our needs will be met. Because I really want to make the most of a beautiful patio set that can be situated in our home. So without further ado, I present to you #myCANVASstyle wishlist for our new home when we find it.

Recreating a beautiful patio like this one has never been easier with beautiful items such as

 In my opinion, the best way to celebrate a Canadian summer is by embracing those special moments with friends and family. What better way to do that than with amazing items from Canadian Tire to create your backyard oasis? From #Canada150 backyard BBQs to warm summer nights with good company, the sky is the limit to the ways in which you can customize your home with Canadian Tire
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