There Are No Rules Left in Fashion

So I often hear people saying, “Oh I would never wear white after labour day” or “I can’t buy those shoes because I don’t have a belt to match.” Well let me tell you, these fashion rules were guidelines created by someone who you don’t even know and you’ve probably lived by these rules for the majority of your life.

As a stylist and personal shopper, I get to see so many different ways that people express themselves through the way they dress – whether it be through runway shows, street style or the natural hustle and bustle of the working man or woman strutting their stuff on the way to work. And one common thing I’ve noticed more and more, especially this year, is that the traditional rules of dressing – like the no white after labour day rule or not being able to wear navy and black together, have all been replaced with one ultimate fashion rule… that there are no rules anymore.

Yes you read that right. The newest and most current rule when it comes to the way we dress is that the old rules have been replaced with the ideology of what I truly feel fashion is all about – expressing yourself without having a single word leave your mouth. To me, fashion is a way of telling who you are, conveying the way you felt that morning when you decided what to put on and not being afraid of what anyone may think of it as long as you know that you are fabulous.

If you wake up one morning and decide “hey I really want to wear this white shirt dress!” But you are tempted to opt for something else just because it’s the middle of fall, just do it anyway. Sometimes I even find myself in that mental back and forth until I decide that I ultimately want to wear what I want to wear and then pick up that white piece and accessorize with however I feel that day!

The rules of fashion to me are an outdated mentality that so many people feel themselves caught up in, but if you find the right pieces and truly know what works with your body and what doesn’t – who’s to stop you from wearing that navy suit with black loafers? It’s not about what you wear anymore but about how you feel when you put it on.

So, I challenge all of you to think about what style rules you automatically think about when you get dressed in the morning that may or may not stop you from wearing what you truly want and then pick the piece you really want to wear anyways. Like I said earlier, your style is a way to express yourself. It’s what truly made me fall in love with fashion and style in the first place. So, you keep being the amazing and stylish individual that you, are even if that means wearing a white dress on the snowiest day of winter! Just do you.

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