Don’t Fear Change

Remember those days when mobile phones were not part of our lives? We used to buy cameras to capture special moments and wait for days to see them. I can’t even think of how many times my palms sweat when calling my crush in turn, fearing for her dad to pick up the phone! I’m proud to say I come from a generation that actually knew how to read maps (printed maps) when traveling, and food, food was meant to be eaten, not “grammed.”

Some may say life was easier then… but was it? How many hours you had to wait to contact your beloved ones in case of an emergency? How difficult it was to describe that awesome dress for sale at the mall for your sister but didn’t buy it because it was better to wait for her to see it… but then someone else got it first… -if only you could send the picture immediately- right?

Some may not remember those days, and while they were great and bring a lot of beautiful memories, I think now it’s the best time to be alive; Technology brings us together, lets us be more productive and more aware of what is actually going on in the world. It’s great to see how it evolves, how it turns the previously only sci-fi gadgets into a reality, making our lives easier, more comfortable and, let’s admit it: more fun. But is it really important to carry on with technology’s speed advances? Is it really necessary to be updated and have the latest tech in your hand when it grows so fast? I think it is!

Let’s be honest, modern technology is expendable, and not meant to last. When it comes to technology and mobile devices, what’s “hot” today, may become obsolete tomorrow. This is not about following trends, as tech developers come up with new ideas, better processors, better cameras every day. What you think is fast and hi-def today may look old and even vintage tomorrow. That’s just the reality of the world we live in. You may think your mobile is the best thing that could happen to the world , and then bang! The new version is released promising the ultimate innovation. And you realize that you’re in an endless cycle.

Take it from me; for the last 7 years, I’ve considered myself married to my iPhone, renewing vows every 2 years mostly, without even thinking of looking somewhere else. BUT, just when I think I got the real thing, those guys break my heart and my wallet coming out with something else that not only makes me feel obsolete, but like it is impossible to keep up with them. So I came to realize that it was time for a change, for the better. So the quest began. Obviously having heard what Daniel thought of the world of mobile devices in Canada, I was intrigued. The best moments deserve the best phone after all.

With so many options out there, the quest for a new phone is overwhelming… even more when trying to compare with what I’ve been using for years! I had had so many touchscreen phones in the past so I certainly knew how to fix a cracked screen! I just decided it was time for a change. So I made a wishlist ( I strongly recommend you do yours before start looking) to see what I really expected and it ended in 4 simple things: a great camera, easy to customize, light weight, multitasking and of course: I came to realize that it all meant it was time to say goodbye to my good old iPhone. My phone had been broken for a while, so I decided a new phone was definitely on the cards. I considered buying some iphone screens in bulk (since my LCD screen was broken), but I wanted to go with a completely different brand of phone. Apple was starting to annoy me! Had I felt like I could stick with Apple, I might have seen if something like an lcd buyback could have helped me save some money on a replacement screen but, I was determined that my next phone was not going to be an iPhone.

Last time i met Daniel in Playa del Carmen, we talked about how amazing his Instagram pics were (especially the food ones); Shot with great quality, full of brightness and color… almost professional! I assumed he was using an iPhone, and I was surprised (if not skeptical) when he showed me his Huawei. “Try it”, he said, and I got nervous fearing that I wouldn’t even get to open a single app. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was so easy to use, not what I remember some previous Android experiences. Most of them forgettable… I couldn’t believe my eyes as I tested the performance and the usability (yes, that’s a thing), man this was a pretty fast device!

And the photo? Oh my! what am I doing with this old iPhone 6s? (yep, it felt old right after that). I really never thought of switching, but since then I’ve been tracking Huawei products, just in case the upgrade bug bites me. The brand has been in Latin America for quite some time now, so much so, that it thrives here. I was aware of the brand, but didn’t come to appreciate it until now. Funny how that works!

A few days ago I got the chance to try the new Huawei P10, and yes, it’s more than what I expected. The Huawei P10 allows the customization that I crave, so if you’re nostalgic like me, you can even make the display look like an iPhone, but better! They even got rid of that 3 way Android screen button (which i really wasn’t into) and now there’s this thing they call one button navigation, that frees up some screen space, which is really cool. You can even record your mobile screen in video – which is a feature I’ve never seen before.

What would that be useful for, you may ask? 3 words: Parents and aunties. Remember trying to explain them how to do post a meme/share a location/text or else? Now you can actually send them a detailed video… the struggle is gone! I think that the P10 is definitely one of those things in life that can make you change your mind especially if you’re looking to save some dollars without sacrificing performance, quality, look and feel. So, am I ready to switch for the first time in years? As I said before, upgrading is for the best, right? I’ll be honest with you all, there’s a pretty big chance it’s going to happen. And without feeling like I have to start all over again and again. So, yes, for sure! The Huawei P10 is giving me more than enough reasons and I’m ready for the next step. Do you dare to join me in upgrading to Huawei now that they have surpassed Apple in global standing. Yes, this brand that Daniel so cleverly partnered with earlier this year is the one to be with.

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Photos: Pepe Yañez, Misha Tatiana Masek & Huawei

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