These Shoes Are Made For Strutting

So listen – I by no mean consider myself a sneaker freak or a shoe officianado, BUT I do know when I see something that I love and want to rock them as a form of self expression. Over the years we’ve been lucky to purchase and have gifted to us some killer kicks – especially during Pride Month. Well gurls, have I got the shoe for you this Pride season and all the details before they launch in Canada!

We all know I love a good Dr. Martens moment – see below –

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This year a limited edition PRIDE Oxford has been created that I simply HAVE to own. For Pride 2022, the iconic footwear brand will aim to educate and celebrate by amplifying queer voices. This year, Dr. Martens is contributing $200,000 to an on-going partnership with The Trevor Project. Also known as putting their money where their mouth is instead of rainbow washing like so many do for a quick buck. Giving back to a community that has defined style and taste with their footwear since the very first pair was made.

While they haven’t dropped yet I highly encourage you all to check out the Dr Martens website regularly because they will sell out, and quickly! This Pride Month I hope to wear my own pair proudly and continue to express my unique style and self with some of the best kicks in the world.

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

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