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I’ve shared my love of Aveda products (all thanks to Catherine) and this year the team revealed the latest addition to it’s amazing line of products tailored to the men of the world. Invati Men is a two-step system which reduces hair loss, with four out of five men saying their hair felt stronger and looked thicker after usage – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a thick head of hair?

“Aveda partnered with Nisarga, an Indian farm committed to growing Ayurvedic herbs with organic agriculture, to supply the certified organic turmeric used in Invati Men. Aveda‚Äôs support of Nisarga allows them to expand organic farming practices, benefitting the environment. The CO2 extraction method used on the turmeric is also environmentally friendly.”

I think this natural approach to beauty is one of the many reasons why I have loved Aveda products for so long. I also appreciate a beauty brand that takes the needs of men into consideration in an industry that is often dominated by products tailored towards women. We like to look and feel good too! 


Coming to this week, we tell you about @Aveda’s latest addition to the #AvedaMen – #InvatiMen ?

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