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The word psychic is an interesting one. It evokes very different reactions depending upon your experiences and expectations. Many people immediately envision a crystal ball in a dimly lit room, an older woman with a scarf wrapped around her head and more rings on her hands than fingers… but are we too quick to stereotype the psychic? Experienced Psychic Readers are ones that people want to get in touch with if they’re looking to get an insight into their life. But with this being said, there are some out there that aren’t really up to scratch. If this is something you are interested in, be sure to do your research so you can find the right person for the job. After all many people do use psychics to help with their everyday life. For example, a common thing that people get is a Psychic Reading and many people find them beneficial to their life. Sometimes it can give people comfort in knowing that their relative is safe in the afterlife. Other times it can help them answer a simple question. Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with acclaimed Canadian psychic Angel Morgan. But to ensure I had an authentic experience, I brought the king of all skeptics Julio with me.

So who is Angel Morgan?

She’s not the stereotypical psychic I described above. Upon arrival to a local coffee shop I was greeted by a much younger woman with a vibrant smile and a big hug. A mother, a wife and an entrepreneur running her own business. So far, that describes the majority of people I know.

“Dynamic television host and well known psychic, Angel Morgan has clients in Jamaica, England, Peru, Guatemala, Malta, the United States and more! Angel’s hangout time once a month at Newstalk 1010 “The Night Side” with Barb Digiulio is a highlight for many of the wonderful fans who listen to the station! If they can’t catch her there then they can listen to her at on Stoufville’s Whistleradio 102.7fm every Tuesday night @8pm”

For the hour session, she spoke to Julio and I as a couple and individually. As mentioned, Julio is literally the biggest skeptic I know. Not that he is pessimistic (there is a big difference between the two concepts), but he is a lot more logical than people may realize. He doesn’t take anything at face value and usually analyzes the world in a much deeper way than I do. So when I asked him to join me in meeting Angel, it took a bit of convincing.

Little did he know that Angel is the kind of psychic that put his resistance to rest. I’ve actually met and consulted with psychics for years. I believe in the energy of the world and that there are people on this planet that can tap into that – whatever that may mean. Yes, she is so good that she helped to convince him that there are people like her on this planet. Though I wouldn’t consider him a convert by any means (old dog, new tricks), I’d say he certainly has opened his mind to the possibility that there is more to this subject matter – and that is saying a LOT about Angel and her skills.

I consider a consultation with a psychic something very personal and intimate. Imagine you are a book and this person is able to, within minutes of meeting you, flip through the pages. It can feel incredibly helpful, especially if take the time to look for reliable online psychics on HeraldNet that are as skilled as Angel to consult with you. They really can make a significant difference in your life. In fact, I liken my life and the business of to a compass spinning erratically at times with so much on the go. Meeting with Angel helped me to feel refocused, pointing in the right direction, and for the hour where I was 100% present in the moment, I was calm.

Considering that week leading up to our meeting with Angel was a very difficult one for me, I have to be honest and say I didn’t really think I wanted to see her at all. I think we all face that sometimes. The inevitable stress that we face in life with so much going on. I think what I loved most about the experience was that I was so glad I did meet with her and Julio despite everything I had going on. As mentioned above, it was a cathartic experience that is really hard to explain – a much needed intimate experience with someone I now feel so close to.

During the one hour session, Angel was able to speak to several major changes that have happened in our lives that no one knew about. She brought up the change in our upcoming trip to the Dominican and said that I shouldn’t let it stress me out. She told Julio that despite how he may feel towards the experience, that his perspective on the world was a beautiful one that he should trust – and yes, she called him out on being a skeptic. But she also admitted that skeptics are important in the world because it helps her to stay grounded and remember why she does what she does.

She told Julio that his spirit animal was a snake – one that should not be feared, but rather embraced since it is the animal of bridging and bringing people together. I on the other hand have a condor, which for those of you who know anything about this subject, is quite special. She even went so far as to call out the fact that I am not as domestic at home as I should be and that being the person who doesn’t make the bed (the example she used to start this topic), that I needed to embrace the home more. She told me I should cook more (which I am working on to share with you all) and that it would lead to even more success for the site and my goals.

There were so many points that she focused on, and though she has the ability to answer questions about the future, out of respect for Julio I didn’t ask anything too personal about what is to come. If you could know the future, would you?

Changing the lives of those she meets with is just one facet of what Angel can offer you. She also offers healing, can speak to your past and future, can communicate with animals and so much more. Click here to see what she can do for you. Don’t miss her radio show on Newstalk 1010 radio to see what I mean – and trust me when I say that this is an experience you need to have for yourself to truly understand how incredible it really is.


“For the last 15 years she has worked with, and has been trained by peruvian shaman and native aboriginal elders in the energetic healing arts. Some of her work includes Condor feather healing, Reiki, and house clearings. She has been through many high ceremonies like the Peruvian Karpi to help her open up more freely to universal energies.” A popular spiritual and transformative healing practice amongst Peruvian shamans is an ayahuasca ceremony that involves using the natural plants and roots native to the rainforests of South America prepared in a specific way to create a transcendental experience that allows people to feel a deeper connection with themselves and the universe around them.

I actually am looking forward to booking another consultation with Angel when we get back from our trip. She is a welcome centering force to my life that can at times feel like it’s gotten out of hand. I want to bring friends of mine and share the experience with so many people, including you.


For more information about Angel, psychics and the reality of what it can do for your life, make sure to check out her website here.

To join in on the social media conversation with Angel, make sure to follow @RaisingEnergy on Twitter and Instagram. Tag us when you visit her next to let us know your favourite part of the experience and remember that not everything in life is as black & white as we may think. Sometimes, we just have to accept that there are forces much larger than us at work. Angel can help to remind you of that and I highly recommend the experience!

Photos: Angel Morgan & Daniel Desforges


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