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I am lucky enough to have friends & family around the world. But having my loved ones so far means that I can’t be there to give them all their holiday gifts in person.That’s where this year’s #MessageInAParcel special deliver from UPS Canada comes in. Not only did I get the opportunity to send my gifts confidently around the world with UPS, but I was also able to add a 10 second audio message to add that personal touch to my parcel. I couldn’t be more excited and this year I am sending Holiday cheer as close as Ottawa, to as far as London & Los Angeles in these special edition boxes.


Now I do have to admit that as I’ve gotten older, I am becoming more and more the last minute shopper. I used to pride myself in getting my gifts bought, wrapped and ready by December 1st. One year I was so eager that I had everything done by Halloween! That being said, with age and the wisdom it brings (along with those grey hairs) I know that life gets busy. Thankfully I was able to check the 2016 Holiday shipping calendar and know that I have a few more days to get these gifts out before it’s too late. Sending a #MessageInAParcel couldn’t be easier. I simply head to to check for my local store, drop off my parcel, pay & get a tracking number to ensure I know when it arrives. 


So what did the process involve? UPS Canada sent me a parcel with packing tape, bubble wrap, and the special edition #MessageInAParcel box. I was tasked with sending gifts to someone I love with a personalized audio message (above). So I chose to send Brittany and her boyfriend some of my favourite Zwilling knives for her delicious recipes and a Swarovski necklace. Don’t worry, I’m not favouring one member of the team – all #DoTheDaniel team members are getting some goodies this year for all their hard work. I love them all! 




I love how easy it was to send holiday cheer around the world with UPS Canada. This holiday season, I encourage you to ship confidently with them and to let us know what you’re sending! To get inspired. make sure to follow @UPS_Canada on Twitter, @UPS on Instagram and by ‘Liking’ their Facebook page. Use and follow the #MessageInAParcel hashtag to show us what you purchased and why you chose to give the gift that keeps on giving for the holidays. 

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Photos: UPS Canada, Julio Reyes & Daniel Reyes 


Daniel Reyes

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