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As I sit down to scroll through my social media accounts, I’m seeing friends getting summer ready. Be it with their fitness goals, or, just that mani/pedi that they’ve been looking forward to all week long. But if you’re going to talk the talk, it’s time that you walk the walk towards a healthier, summer ready you.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re being a typical tourist in the summer, on your feet all day walking to different attractions, beaches, and restaurants, and your feet end up killing you! Thankfully, there are sites like who can offer advice on how to cure aching feet but wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid this issue altogether? Well, now you can!
Before I get into recommending what products I use, let’s talk about #SOLEisticHealth. “This term was coined by Dr Scholl’s to refer to when your feet hurt or bother you, it can affect your whole body and you can’t fully engage”. Here is how I’ve been taking care of my #SOLEisticHealth

I’m happy to share two products from Dr. Scholl’s Canada that are helping to keep me on my feet and living a #SOLEisticHealth life.

With so many amazing products available to Canadians from coast to coast, which is the right one for me? I of course was immediately drawn to Dr. Scholl’s® Massaging Gel® Stimulating Step™  because I’m always thinking how nice it would be to get a massage during a busy day. Why wouldn’t I give that same relaxation and feel to my feet?!

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  • Stimulating nodes & comfort pads massage pressure points on your feet
  • Comfort that helps you feel more energized
  • Allows you to stay on your feet longer by helping to reduce fatigue in feet and legs
  • Stimulating nodes and comfort pads target pressure points on your feet and provide the massaging action you can feel
These are my everyday go-to insoles, because why not give yourself a massaging feeling while running errands with the family or headed out for a night on the town? Comfort is key and so is the support that they offer to help me feel more energized. 
For those busy weeks where I know I’ll be on my feet for hours on end, I know that I need to step up my insole game. It’s why I was excited to try out the Dr. Scholl’s® Pain Relief Orthotics for Sore Soles. When my footsies need an extra comfort boost, these insoles help to offer just what I need!
  • Relieves generalized foot pain caused by being on your feet all day
  • With specially designed stimulating nodules to massage your feet all day
  • Reduces impact with every step
  • Immediately helps to absorb pain-inducing shock at its source
  • Pain relief all day, every day


As Canadians we understand that life is busy, and I can assure you that making a simple change to your daily routine can drastically improve how you feel. Dr. Scholl’s is all about inspiring Canadians to be active, confident and free to move- starting with their feet. Dr. Scholl’s foot pain relief insoles can help to alleviate foot pain so you can lead the healthy, happy life you want! That’s what Dr. Scholl’s Soleistic Health is all about.

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