Allow Me To Introduce You To Volcan De Mi Tierra Tequila

Sitting down to enjoy a delicious meal in Toronto recently with a couple of my colleagues in the media, I came to realize how lucky I am to do what I do. Albeit long hours, and a neverending to-do list, the blog has offered me incredible opportunities that I might never have been presented with. So when I was invited to be one of the first Canadians to try the latest addition to the Moët Hennessy family of brands (not something that happens very often I might add), I couldn’t miss it. Allow me to tell you about Volcan De Mi Tierra Tequila and why you have got to get yourself a bottle when it hits your local LCBO very soon! 

Now, we all know by now, that anything and everything mentioning or alluding to Mexico is going to hold a special place in my heart. I still consider my explorations in Mexico City and Oaxaca as some of the most important and powerful trips I have taken both personally and professionally. Grown in one of the most renown parts of Mexico for Tequila production in the country, Volcan De Mi Tierra is born in the shadow of a nearby volcano. For those of you who speak Spanish, now you’ll understand the name. Taking a closer look at the bottle when you get the chance to pick it up, you’ll also notice that the based is shaped in the form of this same volcano. Fitting, since the volcano is the base of the tequila itself since the soil that grows the agave is rich in volcanic sediment and history. 


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But what makes this different as a tequila? I think what impressed me most was that this is not just an acquisition for Moët Hennessy, but rather is a groundbreaking venture for them as a company in the fact that it is a joint venture. Working with one of the oldest families in the tequila world, they carefully tend to the farm, the land, and the production to ensure that it is the most authentic product they can produce. Having sipped both the bottles that are coming to Canada very soon, I can assure you it’s some of the most elegant tequila I have yet to try in my lifetime. 

But let’s talk a little bit more about Mexico shall we? Working with la familia Gallardo, Volcan De Mi Tierra births a tequila that expresses the rich volcanic soil of the surrounding areas. With flavours of fresh mint, freshly cut grass, citrus & spices, this isn’t the tequila you shot in your first year of university at your local pub. I love that tequila culture is becoming a popular topic in Toronto and across the country, but it in and of itself, is one of the most complex things you can drink when you find it expressed properly. Volcan De Mi Tierra waits a total of 3250 days for the agave to grow and sweeten before it is ready to harvest.

“El tequila esta en nuestra historia y en nuestros corazones, este es nuestro legado” says Maestra de Tequila Ana Maria. I love how poetic Mexicans are when it comes to products they produce and offer the world. There is a deep rooted pride in Mexico about all things Mexican and it is one of the things that stole my heart so many times. 

Using both highland and lowland agave, the distilling process comes down to a bit of science – and in my opinion, a bit of magic. The final product is something to be enjoyed over a delicious meal (preferably authentic Mexican dishes of course) or in the romantic setting of your choosing with someone special. Both Tequila Blanco and Tequila Cristalino will be coming to your local LCBO and I encourage you to pick up and try both. Not to mention the fact that the bottle is something I am excited to have in my bar because it is captivatingly beautiful. 

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