We All Scream for Ice Cream!

On a random day of the week, when I should’ve been worried about the daily happenings at work and deadlines, my love of art exhibits and pop up installations found me perched in front of my computer. I was anxiously waiting for my turn in the queue to buy two coveted tickets to the one and only Museum of Ice Cream.

Oh you haven’t heard? Has your Instagram feed not been flooded with images of Beyoncé, the Kardashians, Katy Perry and Gwyneth Paltrow dipping into sprinkle pool, or playful poses with life-sized ice-cream pops? Well, if you live and love in LA, everyone is trying to get in and experience this museum.

After hours of waiting I got two tickets to see what all the hype was about! My friend and fellow blogger Willie (GO CHECK HIM OUT!) set out on a mission, phones charged, and portable chargers in hand. We aimed to soak up as much of this experiences as possible, and maybe a few pics here and there. (For the record, Willie and I rolled out a full photo shoot like you’ve never witnessed before).

The Museum of Ice Cream is reportedly four times larger than the previous New York City exhibit and features 10 installations. It’s perfectly located in DTLA’s Art District where they have taken over a warehouse and splashed the entire building with bright pink paint! You can’t miss it, or all the selfie takers. Be careful not to bump into anyone, photo bombs are always allowed!

The pop-up museum was slated to be open only through May, but it has been so popular that it’s been extended four times! This last extension was announced to the end of October!! If you have the pleasure of being in LA and you’ve snagged tickets, you are up for a treat. Pun intended.

Each room is themed, from the mint grow house to the melted popsicle room, and each have something delicious to taste or something cool to experience. And of course, the highly loved sprinkle pool, that’s apparently filled with 100 million sprinkles!!

The museum’s creator Maryellis Bunn – talks about what inspired the installation here in an interview with NPR.org. Essentially the “installation is set to challenge both traditional ideas of taste and style and the boundaries between so-called high art and popular culture.” SOURCE LAWEEKLY

Hope you enjoyed checking out all of the pictures Willie captured of me, as I transformed into a kid again, bright faced and wide eyed. It’s hard not to feel that way in an environment where all your senses are engaged!

Love, L

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Photos by Lesli Fairweather & Willie