So you’ve decided it’s time to move. Now what?

Now that Julio & I have been married for a few years, it’s time for us to start thinking about the next step in our lives personally. How does the song go? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. Yes, it’s true, we want to begin the adoption process in the coming years. With that idea in mind, amid the fact that we are on top of ourselves in our current condo, we also have agreed to start looking for a new home in Toronto. Our close friend had previously been doing the same with Reali for a new Californian home they were looking into, so I’m hoping that luck will rub off on us, as they got to theirs really quickly! The last few times I went hunting for a new place to live on my own, it was chaotic, to say the least. From researching neighborhoods to coordinating viewings and everything in between, I was exhausted by the end of it all. I’ve got lots of plans for my new home. I want a large, spacious property, with enough room in the garden that I can build a granny flat. My mom isn’t very well at the minute so I’ve been looking on websites like, to learn about the benefits of granny flats. It’s crazy that I already have plans for home improvements but I think planning is important! I also want a large kitchen but I’m not too bothered about the number of bedrooms. All in all, I’m pretty open to what a house I buy. If I did have a particular design for a house in mind, I would contact someone like these home builders in nc who could build a modular home exactly to my specifications. While that would be convenient, this time I’m sticking to homes that have already been built. Let the search begin!!

So I guess the first question is why Engel & Vo?lkers? As a leader in the luxury real estate industry, I appreciate their perspective and ability to cater to my crazy schedule. But it’s not just their perspective on the real estate market that impressed me. It’s also their ability to understand that the world is getting busier and those of us in the market for a new home may need special circumstances. When you are searching for luxury real estate you want to be searching with the best, and ones who are very well known in the area you are hoping to move to. Every state has a real estate agency that is a cut above the rest in personal opinions, and whether you are moving to Boston or Canada, you want to be with the one that can get you that dream home that’ll you’ll love and admire forever.

As a new generation of home buyers enters into the real estate market, Engel & Vo?lkers understands the needs and wants of this wave of clients, and adapts to their demanding schedules – I simply cannot take weeks off to focus on finding a home, but Engel & Vo?lkers offers the flexibility and personal attention that millennial buyers require. What appeals to me most is that the brand caters to my on-demand way of living. It’s the best of both worlds: being able to choose a professional I trust, and who knows the market, while also being able to do business in a way that fits in with my lifestyle. We can work together in-person or remotely via email, text message and DocuSign – and now, with their new VR offering, I can tour potential homes from my living room.

The main reason I wanted to work with the team at Engel & Vo?lkers in Toronto Uptown is because they can take our wish list for a new home and curate a list of potential homes — in local neighborhoods they know inside and out — in an efficient manner that I can review with Julio. I wish I could say I was an expert, but I would much rather use the services of an industry leader to make sure that the hunt is a smooth process from start to finish. Now that we have submitted our wish list to our agent, we will be taking you BTS with us when we meet with them in the coming weeks to start the process. I want to help you all understand that we wouldn’t trust anyone else with this important step in our lives. Julio & I will be sharing the experience and I can’t wait to help inspire you to find a home in Canada with the best in the business. Not to mention find a new home for us to start our family. It’s going to be an amazing summer for sure!

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For those of you also looking for a new home in Canada, I encourage you to check out the Engel & Vo?lkers website today. For our readers outside of Canada, Engel & Vo?lkers has a global network that spans more than 30 countries. And of course, don’t forget to follow along in the excitement of finding a new home with us by following @EVAmericas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may just see a few familiar faces taking over their Instagram account in the coming weeks. Hint hint! We cannot wait to share our experience with you all and show Canadians from coast-to-coast that home hunting doesn’t have to be scary anymore when you work with experts in the industry.

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