3 must have time pieces for the fall

For those of you who follow along with our wild adventures around the world via social media, you’ll have seen that I recently took a trip to New York in partnership with TIMEX. As an official ambassador for this iconic brand, I was excited to celebrate the history and future of TIMEX all at the same time. So off I went to New York to #TakeTime to enjoy the little things in life that make me happy. I was so inspired by the whole experience that I wanted to share my three must have watches for the fall with you all! 

So why TIMEX? I think it’s because for a long time I may have taken their watches for granted. But when I spoke to Julio about it, he told me the story of a TIMEX being his first watch. Something that he felt proud of to wear. The brand is of course HUGE in the Latino communities, and is something that I want to continue with our children when we have them. But there is so much more to this event and brand. Since 1854, the brand has been instrumental in creating time pieces that reflect the times. Innovation, craftsmanship, and design are all a crucial part of what TIMEX means, and has always meant. 

So when I was asked to join TIMEX in New York to celebrate the new season and watches available to us in Canada, I couldn’t miss the chance. From custom watches that you could design on the spot (I opted to make Julio a monogrammed black-on-black watch) to having This is Us star Milo Anthony Ventimiglia tell a similar story to that Julio did, I felt as though I was a part of something bigger. 


Sitting here waiting for a glass of pinot grigio – oh and ? #FASHIONIGHTS

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Here are just a few moments from the evening that I will remember, as captured by the photographers and event attendees of the night.

So now that looking through these photos makes me realize I need to go back to New York ASAP, I thought I would share my favourite 3 time pieces from TIMEX for this fall with you all. 

1. The Metropolitan: I opted for chocolate brown & gold, and now I honestly cannot stop staring at this watch when I wear it

2. The Easy Reader® 40th Anniversary Special Edition: classic for any occasion, I can dress it up or down. Plus, who doesn’t want a piece of history to own for their very own?

3. The iQ+ Move Multi-Time: Yes, TIMEX makes a smart watch and you need to see it to believe it. Perfect for the man on the go.

For those of you also looking for a new home in Canada, I encourage you to check out the TIMEX website. And of course, don’t forget to join in on the social media conversation taking place around the world by following @TIMEX on Twitter and Instagram. Use and follow the #TakeTime hashtag to show us your favourite fall watch. I can’t wait to see what you pick! 

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Photos: All social media accounts listed above, TIMEX & Daniel Reyes 


Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos are always taken on my NEW Huawei P10 Plus

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