7 Canadian Designers to Watch Out For in 2017 and Beyond

After the year I have seen in the world of Canadian Fashion from independent presentations, shop openings, and of course TOM* (Toronto Men’s Fashion Week) and TW (Toronto Women’s Fashion Week), I think its safe to say that Canadian designers have broken new ground into the global fashion scene. So here is my round up of Canadian Designers that I recommend you watch out for during the rest of 2017 and beyond!

If you have read my own personal blog, you know that Jordan Mckay of Hendrixroe is a designer I not only find extremely talented, but hold very close to my heart. She is a lawyer turned designer after a surprise encounter that turned her life 180 and propelled her into the world of designing.

Her first debut was 2 years ago when TOM* was still host at College Park. Since then, she has released 3 stellar menswear collections, debuted her very first womenswear collection this past season and brought the house down with her unique take on modern rocker edge, the Emirates and the perfect blend of Marilyn Monroe and Jimi Hendrix.


With styles worn by the duchess of  Cambridge, Sophie Trudeau, and Megan Markle, this beauty and creative mind behind Canada’s most sought after wrap coat has redesigned the way women layer for Canadian winters.

Bojana Sentaler has made her mark with her now infamous staple detail – the simply elegant ribbed sleeve that is such a simple detail that elevates her designs and brings them to the next level. Ladies, if you’re looking for a new coat that is going to keep you both warm and stylish this winter, be sure to check out Bojana’s full collection!


With my past in luxury retail and now being a stylist, I cannot even begin to tell you how often I hear from women “I LOVE this shoe but I can’t handle that heel”. So I think its safe to say that women are picky when it comes to their comfort while wearing a pair of high heels.

Well ladies, look no further because Tanya Heath has the solution for all your heel-wearing problems. This designer is the mind that created the adjustable heel. Yes you heard that right – Tanya has worked with engineers and craftsman alike to be able to design a shoe with a great shape that YOU have the option to customize with whatever heel height, shape (for the girls who like to switch it up between block heels and stilettos) and colour way!

So if you’re looking for a heel that works for ALL occasions, be sure to watch out for Tanya and her interchangeable heels.


After a many seasons of seeing  these two creative minds give Canada some of the most easily wearable fashionable clothing I have ever seen, it was without a doubt that they had to be included on my round up of Canadian designers to continue to keep your eyes on!

Together, Jennifer Torosian and her husband Raed Ali, have delivered the women of Toronto and beyond the perfect harmonious blend of women’s workwear ad social attire that can just as easily be interchanged from a day at the office to whatever social function comes after – I personally can’t get enough of her lace appliqué bomber from last season. Talk about a heart-eyes emoji! ?


Born in Vancouver, trained in Milan and launched in Toronto, Christopher Bates is a designer I have personally had my eyes on for a few years now and one I definitely think you all should as well!

After leaving his signature lipstick stained collars around the Canadian fashion scene, he has designed exclusive collections for many of Canada’s most recognized retail shops like Browns and Harry Rosen.

This year, Mr. Bates added Air Canada to his list of collections after being the exclusive designer for all Air Canada flight crews!

Not only does this man know how to design a kick-ass suit, he sure knows how to take a uniform and make it something special as well!



After this season at TOM*, it is really hard for me to pick just one menswear designer that really stood out among the crowds. But this season, Helmer Joseph took the runway at Waterworks and brought the house down with what, to me, reminded me of a very Milan/ European style collection. It made me want to wear the biggest and boldest neck ties I could possibly find.

This designer not only killed the runways ,but introduced the men of Toronto to a style of fashion that I think Toronto and Canada as a whole need to see in order to truly understand a different perspective on mens fashion and really, suiting as a whole! 


And last but certainly not least, Mr. Joseph Tassoni completely brought an all-in attendance to his show of a winter wonderland filled with beautiful colour, craftsmanship,  unbelievable fur work and of course a powerful strut from Paul Mason that brought me to my feet to give a standing ovation.

It’s not very often you come across a designer who is able to take something as complicated as winter wear and turn it into something that is not only functional and completely made in Canada, but also a beautifully engineered garment. Joseph is without a doubt a designer you MUST keep your eyes on because, after the collection I saw, I cannot wait to see what this designer will be bringing to the runway next!

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All photos provided with permission by respective designers.