A walk down memory lane

I find myself getting nostalgic a lot lately. Taking a walk down memory lane, I find myself remembering certain parts of my childhood fondly and thinking about how I might be able to create similar memories and experiences for our future children. As Julio & I are slowly starting to look into the process of starting a family, it only makes sense that I turn to my own experiences for inspiration. From family vacations, to family meals, there is so much to be learn from the lessons my parents instilled in my brother and I. 

I must admit that I do come from humble beginnings. My parents married in their early twenties in 1982, and in 1983 had me. Three years later, my brother was born and our family began it’s journey together. Through hardships and moments of joy, we always understood the importance of family. Back then, there was no social media of course. We had a few toys each and we cherished them like they were gold. And Friday night was the moment I looked forward to all week long. 

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed with my life at thirty three, I very quickly remember that at my age my parents had an eleven year old and an eight year old. Could you even imagine?! I can’t. I have a lot of respect for how hard they worked to put food on the table and keep a roof over our head. The late eighties and early nineties weren’t easy for a lot of people, and we were now exception.

Friday nights were family nights. Don’t even try asking about going over to your friends place or out for the night. The answer was always no, and for good reason. My brother and I would get home from school, my parents from work. Before ABC’s TGIF line-up would come on and we would all gather together to watch our favourite shows, it was time to get a special meal. I remember on many occasions it was pizza or KFC chicken. Being that we struggled for a long time, this was extra special for us. We were never aware that things were tight financially, but we knew that Fridays were special because we got to order food and enjoy time together.

I like to think that I carry this appreciation of special moments with me to this day. There is something to be said for balance, just like that balance I experienced as a child. Home cooked meals were important, and indulging in something special was something to be appreciated. It’s why when Julio & I order chicken from KFC Canada and sit down to a quiet evening in, I feel like I am continuing a tradition that was so important to me as a little boy. 

No matter your walk of life, it’s important to understand the necessity of balance. Choosing an option that ensures quality ingredients for family Fridays is important and it’s why we proudly work with KFC to share their delicious products with you all. I look forward to making new family traditions as Julio & I start a family. And I know that chances are, on any given Friday, when we get back from work there will probably be some finger lickin’ good options for us to indulge in.

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