An Exceptional Experience to end an Exceptional Year

How do you end the year that 2020 became? I am aware of the blessings I have had and the good times I have enjoyed – but it has definitely not been the year I expected. Many of us in our day-to-day have had to pivot, adapt, conserve and find joy in what we have. The holidays have become this beautiful beacon in my life and NYE is something I am really looking forward to with the best experience I can think of to enjoy at home.

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A Weekend Away Fit For A King or Two

It’s the month of May and I am sitting down to write another chapter in the book I am working on, looking out the window wishing the sunshine would come back. In the city of Toronto, we have had what I can only describe as the most tenacious of winters and it just won’t seem to go away. That being said, with my new schedule and focus on the things I am working towards in my life, I get excited about weekends again. Those two beautiful days (or even better, three for a long weekend!) hold so much possibility and recently I had the pleasure of experiencing a pretty spectacular one that I would love to tell you a bit more about.

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Continuing A Family Tradition

The month of April is underway and with it (albeit slowly) the warmer weather is coming. In just a few short weeks the doors at Canada’s Wonderland will open and the 2019 season will kick off with some exciting new rides and opportunities to make memories with my family. As I have explained, one of my favourite memories growing up was going to RBC Royal Bank Day at the park – the day before the park opens to the public. For my entire childhood, this was our version of a theme park trip because it was one we could afford. It’s why I am so excited that we are official #WonderCrew members and will be sharing more about the park in 2019.

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For the Love of Last-Minute Shopping

The countdown is on and there are only a few weeks left until the big day! Let’s get real, I don’t want to repeat the same scramble of last year trying desperately to figure out what to get and coming up a little short. I tend to sometimes forget a few people on my list when it come to some of my extended family and friends and then I become the fabulous last-minute shopper.  This year when I go out for last-minute gifts (December 23rd or 24th) I know where I’ll be heading. It’s no surprise that Best Buy Canada has a smart last-minute gift guide from wearable tech to rest and relaxation. Check out these 5 items you need to pick up all when there isn’t much time left!

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