Achieving Those Pearly Whites

When I was a little girl, I was very ill and as a result, I had to take a lot of antibiotics. When my adult teeth grew in, they were stained from the effects of this. Very few people would believe that as a child I was teased for having what looked like cornflakes stuck on my teeth – because my teeth these days are very white and well looked after. Getting the smile you are finally happy with all comes down to visiting a Dentist in Chattanooga (or your local dental clinic) and staying on top of your oral hygiene when you’re at home. As a teenager, in the days before Google (yes there were days before Google), I remember researching how to make my teeth whiter and healthy. I wasn’t able to go to the Dentist Turlock as much as I would like, so I had to find other ways of getting the whitest teeth possible. I used to dip my toothbrush in baking soda before adding toothpaste, watching as over time my teeth slowly became whiter.

These days, we do have the gift of Google, but we also have the gift of electric toothbrushes and the ability to compare them all by reading something similar to this Best Electric Toothbrush review or any other reviews available online, as well as high-quality dental care. Which is where the wonderful people at Philips come in! They have invented the Sonicare range, which covers all ages from young children to adults. In any good brushing regime, there are three key stages.

First, floss.

I know that this is the bit that most people miss, but it’s a fact that it can add 6.4 years to your oral health longevity, so it’s important. Philips have made this super easy with the Philips AirFloss which will clean your whole mouth in less than 30 seconds (come on, you have 30 seconds to spare, right?) and helps to improve gum health in just two weeks.

Second, brush.

I remember my first electric toothbrush. I loved it. My teeth became whiter and brighter almost right away, and I in turn became more confident. Brushing is something that we all do, but probably don’t do well enough. We need to brush for two minutes, twice a day! Just ask your Dentist Brooklyn during your next appointment, they’ll give you all the advice you’ll need to properly take care of your smile.

The Sonicare FlexCare+ makes it easy to do this, with a built in timer. This electric toothbrush is safe to use on braces, as well as non-braced teeth. Due to the sonic technology, it can keep your teeth fresh and white. There are five different modes, including a gentle mode and a gum massaging mode. The kids version is seriously cool as well, with a coaching mode and a series of interchangeable stickers to keep them interested and excited about brushing.

The third and final step is, of course, to rinse.

Swish some mouthwash around your mouth, making sure you push through your teeth to ensure that anything left behind is washed away and then spit. You can also use mouthwash before brushing to soften up plaque.

Tongue health is also important, and if you have a healthy tongue it is likely that you won’t have any side effects such as bad breath. Philips have a range of tongue brushes that fit on your toothbrush, as well as a tongue spray that you can use for a quick refresh.

So there you have it. Here’s my advice to keep your teeth healthy, fresh and pearly white. Philips have a great range to make it easy and convenient to do so. Add years to your life and feel confident to show the world that great smile!

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Luvs xx

Nicola Whyte

Photos: Philips & Daniel Reyes