Adulting a little too much? I’ve got just the cure!

Sometimes I think the world takes itself a little too seriously. There is a lot of things coming our way on a daily basis, and goodness knows it can all be overwhelming. So when our friends at Lucky Charms recently asked us to share the #DareToBeAKidAgain message, I jumped at the opportunity. Literally! 

What does the #DareToBeAKidAgain message mean to me? It means skipping down the road with Catherine for the sake of making her laugh. It means grabbing some road chalk to colour on the park sidewalk with Julio and Canela just because I feel like it. It means not taking life so seriously sometimes and allowing myself to be silly like I did when I was younger. And it means enjoying a bowl of #MagicallyDelicious cereal that brings back so many childhood memories. Growing up, Lucky Charms was a treat that was reserved for my brother and I when we were good. So why not revive that idea and reward myself while embracing the things that used to put a smile on my face? 

What does it mean to Canadians? Now THAT is the question!



Actin’ my shoe size today ? #DareToBeAKidAgain

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So what we want to know is, what does #DareToBeAKidAgain mean to you. Click below to tweet your answer and let us know! There may just be a special surprise in store for those of you who do! Let’s help spread the word that it’s cool to be a kid again. 

To join in on the social media conversation, make sure to follow @LuckyCharms on Twitter and Instagram. While sharing the ways in which you opt to NOT act your age, use and follow the #DareToBeAKidAgain hashtag! I can’t wait to follow along in your childish ways while we all enjoy the simple things together from coast-to-coast! 

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