Strellson Fall / Winter ’17 Collection

I know it’s hard to even think about fall with it just finally starting to feel like summer here in Toronto, but after getting a sneak peak at the Strellson Fall/Winter Collection I couldn’t help but want to share with all of you! You’ll love what this awesome line has in store for the colder months to come! 

For starters let’s just take a minute to appreciate all of the colours and tones of the entire collection. With the incorporation of rich jewel tones and classic core colour ways, this collection is one that Strellson totally blew out of the water – especially with the balance of medium-range masculine colour tones. Tones like olive, mocha and red dahlia brown all play an important role in this not-so-ordinary collection. Not to mention that the cuts and fabrics this season play a true homage to the utility aspect of modern engineered garments that Strellson has grown to be known for over the years.

Another thing about this collection that I absolutely enjoy is the versatility of the pieces. What I mean, is that whether you are the type of person who loves bold colours and quirky prints, or the type who tends to always shape the more classic avenues of men’s fashion, this collection has it all. A collection for the people, one could say!

You may think of suits and “Bay Street Ballers” when they think of Strellson, but this collection, more than any of theirs in the past, really puts an emphasis on practical clothing for everyday style. Ready to wear pieces, such as jersey crewnecks and flannel button downs, are brought to the forefront – showing that this brand isn’t just a one-trick-pony, but a well-rounded brand that caters to every style.

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Photos by Strellson