All-Clad To The Rescue

Picture this. You’re an international spy. Using your gourmet barbecue you begin preparing a romantic, candlelit dinner for your partner on the balcony of your 25th storey penthouse. Gently chopping the garlic and onions (no tears because spies don’t cry) you prep them for sautéeing in your All-Clad Outdoor Griddle (made of signature stainless steel and durable construction). Unbeknownst to you, an assassin sneaks into your condo, armed and ready to send you to meet your maker.

As he steps out through the patio doors, you sense movement in your peripheral vision and, just as he pulls the trigger, you raise your All-Clad Outdoor Griddle which blocks the bullet in its tracks. A couple of swift strides and you forcefully swing the griddle, connecting with the assassins temple. He’s knocked out cold. As you wait for the police, you prepare the succulent corn and squash to roast in the All-Clad Square Grill Basket and the sweet white shrimp to turn pink in the All-Clad Round Grill Basket. Dinner and romance is saved, thanks again to ALL-CLAD!! Note: no assassins or All-Clad products were harmed in this story.

Okay, now back to reality. My husband and I just moved into a house and finally have a backyard in the city! What a luxury. Just in time, All-Clad revealed its luxury Outdoor Cookware line in Canada. I have longed for a BBQ and an outdoor space in which to cook over a real flame, for my real flame! Of course we know that All-Clad makes durable, high calibre cookware, but specialty cookware for outdoor use is another matter. Having typically relied on tinfoil and grocery store cookware in the past, I was thrilled to find a gourmet line of outdoor products that resist corrosion and warping. If you’re in the market for cookware, it might be a good idea to check out ( they have some useful reviews that could help you make a more informed choice.

Made with specially designed low sides, the cookware allows for easy turning and close proximity to the flame, without burning. The vessels look beautiful and allow for easy transition from grill to table, thanks to the generous handles. All-Clad has been supplying chefs and world class restaurants with superior cookware for over 50 years, and I’m so glad they decided to expand their business – to outdoors! BBQ is so popular in today’s culture, and is arguably recognized as a serious cooking technique with delicious results. BBQ-masters participate in national and international events, and the food truck (basically a mobile BBQ) is more popular than ever.

My husband’s favourite is BBQ chicken with some heat (the spicy kind). All-Clad has released an Outdoor Roaster that is guaranteed to ensure a juicy yet crispy-skinned delight. Of course they’ve incorporated the must-have perforations in the cookware line (where needed) to guarantee the infusion of the BBQ’s smoky, mesquite or wood-chip flavours. Available in Spring 2018 at another favourite of, The Hudson’s Bay (HBC), as well as at other gourmet retailers. We’re sure that BBQ fanatics everywhere will be raising their oven-mitt-clad hands to the sky and exclaiming “finally”! I know that Canela will be hovering near the BBQ, hoping her daddy accidentally drops a steak or two.

Now, back to the story. Finally enjoying our romantic, candlelit dinner on the balcony after the police have escorted the would-be assassin to the pokey, my spouse and I savour our exquisite BBQ meal under the stars, cooked on our All-Clad Outdoor Cookware. Gazing longingly into my eyes, he professes his undying love… for BBQ. Meanwhile, I wipe the BBQ sauce from his cheek and laugh, wiping it on my “Kiss the Cook” apron. Oh, the life of an international spy!

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Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos have been taken with my Huawei P10 Plus 

Photos: ALL-CLAD & Daniel Reyes