An Homage To The Journey

The days are getting shorter, and the weather is slowly getting colder. I find myself spending more time at the house these days, and when I’m not at the office or running around the country for our adventures, I want it to be a representation of who I am and what I love. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to share with you some of favourite interior design and home decor brands. Whether they are sheep skin rugs or cowhides, leather furniture, perhaps some vintage oak chairs and a dining table, these are only but a few examples o beautiful home decor styles. Roche Bobois has always been one of those brands that inspires me to better my personal space and create a home that I am happy with. So when Catherine & I had the pleasure of previewing the new Globe Trotter collection by Marcel Wanders, inspired by travel and journeys around the world, it really spoke to me. Life is a beautiful journey, and my house should be a reflection of that and so much more.

Travel is obviously a huge part of my life, and I love traveling for work. But it is those trips I have taken with my loved ones that always manage to influence me the most of all. From Paris last December, to the Dominican Republic three years ago, I am always in awe of how those destinations left a mark on my heart and my soul.

“Marcel Wanders designed the Globe Trotter collection for Roche Bobois, inspired by the legends of inventors and fabled adventurers. Choosing the Montgolfier brothers, creators of the hot air balloon as the emblem of the collection, he wanted to celebrate these explorers and collectors of rare objects, impassioned by nature and the cosmopolitan cultures discovered on the course of their journeys. The mythical places and characters found on these fantastical voyages through space and time are the framework for this eclectic collection.”

As Catherine and I explored the colourful expressions of the world through Marcel’s eyes I came to realize how much I needed some of these beautiful pieces in my own home. Not only for the destinations that I myself had been but for the ones I am yet to explore. One of my friends told me how I could get a lot of these pieces online, for example, the Himalayan pink salt from brands like The Lamp Life. I might consider that option if I’m not able to travel to a particular place. The whimsy and colours captivated me and I left feeling inspired and longing for more. The rugs pictured above, for example, are simply to die for. For Bespoke rugs for your own home, you should definitely take a look at the collections by Bazaar Velvet.

But the thing I love most about Roche Bobois and their collections with renown designers like Marcel is that the pieces can also fit into your home seamlessly. Catherine fell in love with a separate collection while I gravitated towards the couch below (which I GENUINELY need in my house as soon as humanly possible) and I found myself picking items from collections of all kinds. Dreaming of fabric dining room chairs with a pop of green to put around my dining room table we acquired years ago.

Purchasing furniture should be an expression of the home you want to create and sometimes it will take time to amass the collection you want. I know that Roche Bobois offers beautiful furniture that I will add to this house, and many more to come as I continue towards my goal of growing my family. I can only hope that the whimsy and memories of trips such as the ones I mentioned above continue to inspire me to bring the world home.

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If you are in need of inspiration – and let’s be honest, we all are – I encourage you to visit your local Roche Bobois to roam the showroom like we did. Check out their website, and remember that your home is a canvas and the world is waiting for you to bring it home in the way you want most of all.

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