The Perfect Ready-To-Drink Bevvy For The Summer!

It’s finally summer here in Toronto. And I think that we sorta skipped over Spring, but I’m totally fine with it cause anything other than snow is cool with me. But with the warm weather comes the desire to hang out in the outdoors way more often. On patios, in your yard, on balconies, cottages and camp grounds – you name it. And let me tell you, I’m all here for it, my friends.

If you’re familiar with Cottage Country here in Ontario, you’ll know of a wonderful place called Muskoka. If you’ve never heard of it, look it up right away and be sure to book yourself a trip to visit one day! The region is synonymous with a love for the great outdoors and beautiful Canadian wilderness. Known for lush forests, waterways, rivers and lakes, cabins, resorts and cottages – some really wonderful things come out of this area of Ontario. And one of them is Muskoka Brewery. What better way to enjoy being outside than with a great beer or ready-to-drink beverage in hand? The only other things I would need is some great company and tasty eats to go along with it!
A lot of people already know them for their refreshing beer, but Muskoka Brewery is all about innovating the industry of beers and spirits. Starting with a small brewery focused on creating great tasting beer with unique flavours, they’ve expanded their journey in to spirits. Their ingredients are always clean, natural, local and fresh – which is quite conducive to the region it all comes from! This week, they’re filling a gap in their product offering by launching Muskoka Spirits Docker Gin & Tonic. Made with their very own Legendary Oddity Gin, this new drink is infused with cucumber and lime and an all-natural tonic from Porter’s Tonic – which gives it a golden hue. Docker provides those who balance active and social lifestyles with a low calorie, low sugar, tasty Gin & Tonic. 
The unique part of this small-batch distilled drink and they key ingredient contained in the tonic they use, which is cinchona bark. Generally used in herbal remedies, this bark is sweet with a slight citrus tang and light bitter finish. I love this addition, mainly because when I studied herbal medicine in school, I discovered that this bark is actually fantastic for digestion – helping with things like promoting the release of digestive juices and relieving bloating. With clean ingredients like this, no artificial sweeteners or adjuncts – it really does make for the perfect summer beverage with added benefits. 
“With Docker, we set out to create the perfect summer drink where you don’t have to compromise on taste or worry that it’s loaded with calories and sugar or artificial sweeteners,” says Todd Lewin, President of Muskoka Brewery. “What makes Docker really unique is that we’ve made it with our small-batch Legendary Oddity Gin, a traditional dry gin with wild juniper berries and orris root. And unlike other coolers, it’s actually made locally right here in Muskoka. Ontarians wait so long to get on the dock and patio, we wanted to make a drink that’s refreshingly simple and delicious.” 
By purchasing a can at your local LCBO – you’re continuing to support the local community. Docker is available in 473mL cans across Ontario at the LCBO and at the brewery itself starting early-June. If you’re outside of Ontario, but still looking to grab yourself some of this refreshing beverage, be sure to check out all of the other wonderful places you can pick it up! Please remember to always enjoy responsibly!
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